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Is it just me....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Or is everyone as excited as I am about out QB Drew Brees? I became a Saints fan when my Dad was stationed in New Orleans (Navy) in the 80's. I had a huge poster of the Dome Patrol and ...

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Is it just me....

Or is everyone as excited as I am about out QB Drew Brees? I became a Saints fan when my Dad was stationed in New Orleans (Navy) in the 80's. I had a huge poster of the Dome Patrol and truly became a Die Hard Saints fan.......now, in all that time...this is the first time I have truly felt really good about our QB situation. This is what it feels like to have an ofense that can do everything and I love it!!

Is it just me, or does eveyone else feel the same way about our offense this year?

I bleed black and gold!!!!!!
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RE: Is it just me....

I'm excited about the Saints offense but am surprised as hell with the success their having this year, I figured they would do ok this season but thought their better play was going to be next year.
Drew Brees should be MVP this season, I see no one better to get it than him..

I'm loving this...
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RE: Is it just me....

Yes Drew Brees as been just unbelieveable, 5 straight 300 yard games speaks for itself. Should be 6 straight after he rips apart the 49'er defense
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RE: Is it just me....

Yes, Drew Brees has been phenomenal, spectacular, unbelievable, and MVP'ish this season. But please , please, please, lets give some props to the receiving corps for holding on to the football, these receivers are getting some unbelievable separation from defenders all over the field. And lets not forget about the big nastys up front, thought to be a liability in the preseason, they've turn out to be one have of an asset. GO...1ST...PLACE...SAINTS!

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RE: Is it just me....

i want to give some cred to the line too. breees and th wides have been doing a great job this year but that line hasn't done to shabby either. i like paytons play calling and i am the first to admit how wrong i was about the guy. this is a tough game this week again. we should get the win but it is not the easiest of comps. san fran is playing tough but we should get the win and get to 8-4. ummmm i smell something good in the air. what is that, oh it is the playoffs. boy they smell good. hey new york do me a favor and fold for the season will ya. i dont want anymore tough games. we have enough left. by the way owning your division seems like a huge key to making the playoffs. oh man i feel like 3 more wins and were in. come on guys do it for couple of more weeks. i think it should be illegal for us to have to play afc teams in the future.

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RE: Is it just me....

Totally, exactly right on spk. The line is where this team starts and ends. Brees and the other skill players would have little to show if it weren't for the O-line's outstanding play.
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I am glad that i am not alone in thinking how i thought this year's offense was going to struggle and the team was set up to win next year and the year after. The O-line has to be the biggest surprise...Brown struggled in preseason at LT. Evans was a rookie from a small school. Stinchcomb hasnt been healthy in 3 years. Faine was an underachiever. I think the one thing you guys missed was the job that Oline coach/offensive coordinator Doug Marrone has done this year. He has coached these guys up to play well as a unit and individually.

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I tell you what

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Black and Gold,

As an aside note, I've been reading the forums lately and I have to say, there are some great conversations going on in here. I want to welcome our newest members. The quality of our forum has stepped up to the next level. Kudos to the moderators (even those who serve in the very smallest capacity), kudos to the regulars and new regulars because you take the trolls down. Kudos to even the "pain in the butt" people who now have a lot of good and important things to say. Thanks for behaving yourself.

I want to post this note randomly to thank everyone who particpates here (lurkers and Google bots included). I'm sorry the site is slow, our database is getting huge and I wnat you to know we are working as best and as fast as we can to prepare forsome much needed upgrades. Ther is a next version of blackandgold.net in active production which is code named "Dulymus" right now. I do this all for you guys. And welcome to the girls and ladies who have joined. You add a whole lot to this forum.

Thanks everyone,

Halo (Mark Clark, Publisher of blackandgold.net)
As for everything said in this thread so far, I agree with all of you. I also think it's not recognized the unreal job that Mickey Loomis did this offseason, the first offseason run entirely by Rick Meuller and Mickey Loomis without coach Haslett.

It must be that coach Haslett would over ride their decisions because the new additions this year are like night and day from previous years. And our new linebackers prove how weak the old corp of linebackers under Haz was. Even average non-starters were 10 times more talented then our linebacker drafts and starters over the past few years.

But Mickey Loomis, I want to know what you think? I personally want to give him some credit for the success of this season.[/quote]

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RE: I tell you what

Loomis should get Exec of the Year.
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RE: I tell you what

I give credit to Halo for our season.

But yes, Loomis did a great job, especially by giving Payton somewhat free reign on who he wanted to bring in.

And about the O-line, Brees has the least sacks of any QB in the NFL. Not bad for a unit that was picked to be our biggest weakness at the beginning of the year.
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