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49`ers @ Saints matchup

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; If the Saints can 1) force the Niners to commit at least one turnover and 2) get a big play on special teams (block, return) that scores a TD or sets us up in the red zone that would be ...

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If the Saints can 1) force the Niners to commit at least one turnover and 2) get a big play on special teams (block, return) that scores a TD or sets us up in the red zone that would be awful nice. We're used to seeing Brees and the offense move up and down the field, but if the defense/spec teams can get it going the crowd will really feed off of it and the Saints can take control of the game. If Beerman scores a TD I will dance a jig.
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good job for a non stats lover.
good points smitty once again.
The Offense is not so much of a worry to me. though I still say Duce has lost a gear since that Phili game. I wish we could play all the games the way we played that phili game. that was a thing of beauty.
Do not under estimate this 49ers defense gang. it is the reason they have been winning. they have given up points but in the fourth they always find a way to stop thier oppenents and give the offense a shot at winning the game.
Brandon Moore has 5.5 sacks and leads the team in tackles, 61, at LLB. Karney will be butting heads with him alot today. He does play MLB at times also. Swapping around with Ulbrich.
Bryant Young (LDE) with 5 sacks and 35 tackles and seems to be in the back field on every play. So Jonn has is work cut out for himself this week.
Manny Lawson (RLB) is playing better every time he hits the field. He is a monster when gets a clean shot the ball carrier. He still gets lost in traffic so thats a plus. Marcus Douglas is playing much better too. He is freeing up Lawson to make more plays.
Now the middle of the Defense is different. Ronald Fields is a big boy. 6-2 323. Yep the one from Miss.ST.But not the fastest guy out there but he is quick. he can eat up to 2 blockers. he can be trapped and pulled on. look for alot of counters in the middle on him.
The 2 ILB are not that bad. Of the two Smith and Ulbrich, Ulbrich is the weaker link. So shielding off Smiith is key.
With all that said I have to look at Karney as the key to our running game. He has to pick up the right block at second level in order for us to rush the ball. I look for us to run between the tackles alot. Running up between Brown and Nesbit should be productive. We are always spreading the field with bush and that should play well for us against this group.
The backs picking up the blitz in the passing gameis key for Drew. But they seem to be doing a great job all year. So look for Drew to pick this secondary apart. We should go deep more than once on this group.
Defensively all I can say is stop Gore. Gang tackling is a must. I like the odds of beating them with Smith throwing the ball. Davis is still a step slow coming back from the fractured leg so that helps. As for the WR they are not anything that, with Smith throwing the ball, can win a game by all by themselves. We have had tuffer match ups. So 8 in the box for most of the game. With Thomas back in the line up.
Prediction: 38 -20.
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Originally Posted by iceshack149
Gandhi..... if that TE you are reffering to is Johnson, well he`ll be watching this game because he`s out with a knee injury.
If I may speak for Ghandi, he's Talking about Vernon Davis. Davis returned from injury last week and is the fastest TE ever.
Vernon Davis would be the one. Thanks, iceshack. Besides, when in the heck did Johnson ever run close to a 4.3? Davis was an animal before his injury & looks to be a future NFL star. Gore is also leading the NFC in rushing, so let's hope our coaching staff is not looking at this game as some of you are. San Francisco is not a cake walk anymore, people. That said.....we're the home team & I like our odds. I don't see a blowout, though. Saints win 34-24.


-G.I. Joe
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