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Saint2 09-08-2002 09:54 PM

Spiking the ball is a bogas rule
Spiking the ball to stop the clock should be thrown out along with hitting a defenseless receiver.The quaterbacks are using the spike to their advantage now by faking it and that is not football, if you don't have the b...s to go head up and not use deception to make a play your a wimp like Johnson today and others in the past.Of course Johnson got his today,They(bucs)lost. Also, It's the Quaterback that puts his reciever in that pradicament by laying him out that way and if the reciever is going to lay his body on the line he should get the punishment of a great hit not a penalty on the defender for a cheap shot. :casstet:

Halo 09-08-2002 10:02 PM

Spiking the ball is a bogas rule
Yeah but Saint2, I have felt that way before, but when it works in the Saints favor, then suddenly I like the rule.

subguy 09-12-2002 08:46 AM

Spiking the ball is a bogas rule
I agree with both of you guys. But it is not the teams fault, if the rule is there, use it.

Spiking has always annoyed me, wouldn\'t that really be called intentional grounding????

Technically , i know, before someone explains the rules to me.

whodatsaintsfan26 09-12-2002 10:33 PM

Spiking the ball is a bogas rule
I personally like the rule. I think it separates a good QB from a bad QB. Its all about clock managment. The good ones have it and the others dont.

saintfan 09-13-2002 10:34 AM

Spiking the ball is a bogas rule
Spiking the ball greatly increases the oppurtunity for a \"dramatic\" comback because it provides the offense with another clock management tool, and we all know the NFL Loves a dramatic comeback...they put more butts in the seats don\'t ya know? As far as it being the same thing as \"grounding\", I\'d disagree. The grounding rule is there to prevent a QB from throwing the ball away to avoid a my humble opinion \"Spiking\" and \"Grounding\" are two entirely different animals.

subguy 09-15-2002 09:05 AM

Spiking the ball is a bogas rule
Please refer to my last comment, i was trying to avoid the rules being quoted. I know the rules. I do agree you should be able to give up the down any time you want, as long as you are not trying to avoid a sack :casstet: By the way, clock management is calling two or three plays ahead as they used to do. Then line up quickly to run a play. We now only have to worry about running one play, then spike,then huddle and regroup........Hmmmm Johnny Unitas didn\'t have that luxury and he passed for over 40,000 yards during anera when it was all Jim Brown.

Devil\'s Advocate

Cassady37 09-15-2002 09:25 AM

Spiking the ball is a bogas rule
Of course, also playing the Devil\'s advocate you could say Johnny U was way ahead of his time in the passing department and defenses didn\'t know what to do to stop him. Like putting a West Coast offense into the NFL in the 60\'s. Old school coaches knew how to try and stop Jim Brown but now all of a sudden here\'s this maniac throwing 80% of the time and no one knew how to set up for it because they just knew the run had to be coming. No matter what though, Johnny U was my boyhood hero because of his offensive ingenuity.

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