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Name for the defense

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I know many people have weighed in on a name for our 06 Saints defense, but everything I heard sounded awkward or just didnt fit. Alot of us wasn`t sure the defense was worthy of a name after a couple ...

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Name for the defense

I know many people have weighed in on a name for our 06 Saints defense, but everything I heard sounded awkward or just didnt fit. Alot of us wasn`t sure the defense was worthy of a name after a couple of losses and giving up huge plays. But now I think it`s time we bring it back to the table. This defense has stepped up in recent games stopping both the run and the air game and giving the ball back to our awesome offense. A name for this defense would have to be a title that you could bring up and know exactly the season and players assosciated with this title. (like Dome Patrol).

What has happened this year is nothing short of a MIRACLE, even going back to obtaining Bush in the draft, finding a diamond in the dust with Colston, Brees coming back from a career ending injury to a pro-bowl season, and obtaining rookie coach Sean Payton who will no doubt get NFL coach-of-the-year. From shutting down teams that others never gave us chance of beating, to having a 2 game lead in our division in week 14, to the record of 9-4 in and the #2 seed in the NFC that no one outside our ranks even slightly predicted..... Miracle after Miracle after Miracle....

So ladies and gentlemen I propose to you for the New Orleans Saints 2006 season :

The Miracle Season Defense

what do you guys/gals think?

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RE: Name for the defense

... I think we're not good enough on defense to have a nickname.
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How about the "Underappreciated defense."
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Papz is right we aren't that good enough to earn a nickname even still... it would still have to remain the DOME PATROL. Pittsburg hasn't changed theres... Still Curtin.
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There are already Monsters of the Midway.

How 'bout, Beasts of the Bayou!?
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I agree that a defense has to be elite before they get a nickname... but I do agree with JoeSam, this defense is underappreciated. For as awesome as Brees and Deuce and Reggie and everybody else on the offense have been, the defense has been solid. We're currently #12 in yards per game, and #16 in points per game. Not spectacular, but good enough to let our offense win games for us. They haven't blown many games and although our rush defense has been sub-par, our pass defense has been much better this season thanks to better pressure from the line and our secondary players really stepping up. This defense has no stars, but some real solid players. I can't say enough about how important I think Fujita and Shanle have been in anchoring that LB corps.
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I think this year both sides of the ball have finally been addressed. Obviously, it has shown on the field. I have gone through years where the defense might have been good like when the Dome Patrol was in action but we had no offense, or like when Jim Everett was breaking all those QB records that year but the defense was non-existent. I never even felt comfortable with the 2001 offense, the year we managed to win our first playoff game. This is the year I can say I'm totally rocked by both sides of the complemented with a steady special teams unit. I say the heck with any nicknames other than...Saints!

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Not good enough!

In time and with some up grade
on talent we will come up with one.

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How bout the Mud Dawgs? Sorry, I just watched Water Boy earlier. : )
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I don`t suppose we need a nickname for the Saints defense. Other than Will Smith, McKensie, and maybe Grant, most of our current defensive players are not standout household names in the NFL community. I just thought it would be cool to give these guys a nickname for the efforts and credit they deserve for improving and playing as a unit.

All the sports media forcasters had the Saints dead last in our division 6 months ago. And it wasn`t because they thought Deuce, Brees, and Horn sucked, it was because we had no defense to speak of. Well these guys stepped up and held Vick and company to 3 points, kept McNabb and company in check, Kept future hall-of-famer Favre from picking us apart, stopped Sanfran, and I don`t even have to mention what happened on the road in Dallas. I`m proud of these guys for what they`ve accomplished given everything involved; new system, new faces, and injuries. The Miracle Season Defense... I like it.

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