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Interesting question: If the Saints lock up the #2 seed...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; ...early should they keep the pedal to the metal or should they ease up before going into the playoffs. In other threads I think we've come to a consensus that a Saints win coupled with a Dallas and Giants loss ...

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The Professor
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Interesting question: If the Saints lock up the #2 seed...

...early should they keep the pedal to the metal or should they ease up before going into the playoffs.

In other threads I think we've come to a consensus that a Saints win coupled with a Dallas and Giants loss should secure the Saints not only the division, but the #2 NFC seed. One more Bears win secures them HFA. That could come this weekend too.

So presuming that Monday morning the NFC South champion Saints are locked in with bye in hand...

Then what?

Recent playoff history has shown that SB winning teams stayed white hot at the end of the season. Pittsburg won quite a few games (all elimination IIRC) at the end of last season. Same for the Pats before that.

We've also seen the flip side where teams like the Colts rested up the last two weeks of the regular season with not too promising results.

So what should the Saints do?

I'm going to see if I can write a poll question for this.


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RE: Interesting question: If the Saints lock up the #2 seed.

Don't slow down and lose momentum going into the playoffs. That would be a big mistake. Better to just keep playing football.
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The NY Geaux Getter
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pedal to the metal. Rest everyone in the 4th quarter if the lead is adequate. Let Karney then pad some of his own stats.
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weld the darn pedal to the medal!
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Do Not Let Up....EVER!!!!!
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Sorry I wouldn't play them the whole game... at least give them the 4th quarter off. It's been a long season. We want them to have fresh legs going into the postseason. Bush is coming from college, Horn is injured, Colston's ankle is still hindering him, etc. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of players with minor nagging injuries that could use that extra time off.
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From a playcalling standpoint - keep on doing what we're doing, it's working. From a personnel standpoint, severely limit minutes for our key guys - Brees, Colston, Fujita, etc. Use the bench liberally and get the backups some game experience in case they're called into action in the playoffs. Use this as an opportunity to see how good these guys are. Maybe Fincher or someone will suprise us and step up their game and earn extra playing time, thus provided added depth in the playoffs. Don't change attitude and approach, just make sure the key players are physically ready for a long playoff run.
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I would only rest players who need it, everyone else stays in the game.
Don't forget, this team is still learning and timing is everything.
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I think you have to keep the momentum that we have right now going. If we slow up, it's not guaranteed (or even very likely in today's NFL) that a team can just switch it on whenever they want. Don't understimate the momentum.

What I would do though is give the guys an extra day or two off during the week. Look what it did for the Ravens last week (who were given 5 days off by Brian Billick) as they came out to dominate the Chiefs. I'm not saying give 'em 5 days off, but give them some extra rest during the week to keep their legs fresh. That's what I'd do at least.
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Yeah...rest the guys who are injured. Otherwise play everyone else until the game is won.
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