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BillyCarpenter1 06-10-2003 10:45 AM

Mike McCarthy
Since Mike McCarthy has been calling the plays, it seems to me he doesn't get everyone involved in the offense. Especially the tightends. I know we have a great running back and receivers ,but if you look at the last few games from last year, our offense was predictable ,in my opionion. A lot of blame went to the defense and to Aaron Brooks ,but I blame a lot of it on Mike McCarthy. I bet if you put our offensive players in a Ram's uniform and under their coaches you would see a much more productive offense.

tweeky 06-10-2003 10:52 AM

Mike McCarthy
EXACTLY!!! Except for the Ram comment.
I think it was the Cincy game, the last 8 possessions we had one 1st down and seven 3 & Outs.

Seven three-n-outs????

We could have had the 84 Bears defense and we would have gotten beat that day.

All the experts call him bright and innovative. I don\'t see it either, BC1.

coastalkid 06-10-2003 12:27 PM

Mike McCarthy
Last year we didn\'t really have any tight ends! This year things should be much different. Hopefully, the tight end position will be utilized for the receiving talent that we think we now have verses the blocking talent that we thought we had. Cronwell, Sloan (if healthy) and Williams should provide both receiving and blocking talents which we desperately need to open up our wide receivers and running backs. With all of this said It looks like Aaron should have all the weapons he could possibly ever want...NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!!

lumm0x 06-10-2003 01:35 PM

Mike McCarthy
Coastal Kid has it right. McCarthy lost faith in the TE\'s last year when Sloan hit rock bottom after the Lions game and Boo couldn\'t catch either. Especially that Cincy game. He had a gamebreaker go through his fingers and could have pulled that one off. He phased the TE out of the playbook because they weren\'t stepping up. Don\'t blame McCarthy for not using them, they weren\'t dependable.

BillyCarpenter1 06-10-2003 01:45 PM

Mike McCarthy

Don\'t blame McCarthy for not using them, they weren\'t dependable.
If that\'s the case he should have cut him on the spot. Also, no coach should lose complete faith in a player because of a few mistakes. Sloan didn\'t get where he is in the NFL because he isn\'t anygood. If you gave up on players that easily, there wouldn\'t be a lot of guys in the Hall Of Fame that are there now. But, the point I was trying to make was more about McCarthty being so predictable. If you go to your running back and wide receivers 90% of the time the defense has a lot less to worry about. Here\'s somethings that opposing defenses didn\'t have to worry about.

1. Tight ends.
2. Fullback.
3. Screen pass.
4. Quarterback running the ball.

I just have a hard time beleiving that we didn\'t have the players to be better in all of those areas. So, I\'m pointing my finger at McCarthy.

whowatches 06-10-2003 07:14 PM

Mike McCarthy
I realize McCarthy and the rest of the offense had problems to say the very least down the stretch last season, but growing pains are going to exist. Think of all of the new weapons we had on offense last year: Duece, Stallworth, Pathon, Sloan...

McCarthy may not be perfect, but, hey, he\'s not Carl Smith.

Will I be run out of the forum now for mentioning the unmentionable name?

subguy 06-10-2003 07:39 PM

Mike McCarthy
I am a big fan of using a tight really gives the D something else to watch...........but if you look at it...............Cleeland was always hurt........Sloan couldn\'t catch a pass.........we just haven\'t had great luck utilizing TE\'s. Hopefully, this year we will have that chance. And hopefully we can get used to using one as a receiver and not just for blocking.

BillyCarpenter1 06-10-2003 07:55 PM

Mike McCarthy
[quote:711e1e11ae]. One quote from the Times Pic clearly depicts his thoughts. He said something like we won\'t change what we do. If we let what the defense does change our gameplan we won\'t be successful.

Damn Gator, I wish you wouldn\'t even have told me that, that\'s scary. How in the hell can someone have that beleive? It\'s like a general leading his troops into battle and not changing stratagies no matter how many lives are lost.

BillyCarpenter1 06-10-2003 10:04 PM

Mike McCarthy
Venturi is a mystery to me. It\'s hard for me to tell if the defensive failures are more the players fault or Venturi. I do not beleive that venturi would be defensive coordinator for any other team in the NFL. Hell, I wish the Saints could get Buddy Ryan.

lumm0x 06-10-2003 11:36 PM

Mike McCarthy
I mentioned this before, Buddy has two sons, one is a LB coach in New England and the other the D-Line coach in Baltimore. Both have D-coordinator experience at the college level and of course great lineage.


Also, no coach should lose complete faith in a player because of a few mistakes.
Why did we cut Norman Hand then? If a guy can\'t be dependable then I agree...cut him. But if you can\'t cut him then you run a 3 or 4 WR offense like we did and you phase the TE out of the offense. He did what you said he should do, basically cut the TE\'s in theory, and since no one would step up he re-utilized his talent. Opposing defenses didn\'t have to worry about those positions (top 2) not because of McCarthy, but because of the personnel. I more than completely agree with the later 2 though.

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