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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by UK_WhoDat Line issues all day We have a winner. The Skins dominated both lines. That's it....

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Merces Letifer
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Re: RE: Anger.......

Originally Posted by UK_WhoDat
Line issues all day
We have a winner.

The Skins dominated both lines. That's it.
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One thing I would like to see from our defensive coordinator is more blitz packages. As I have stated a gazillion times before, if your DB's suck, and they're going to get beat 9 out of 10 times anyways, at least make them useful and rush the QB!!!! Look what happened the few times we blitzed, mis-thrown ball, knocked down pass and a sack. Then, on the other side of that, look what happened when the QB had time, a sandwich, a manicure, catching up on his reading and, oh yes, moving the ball when he needed to on 3rd down. Geez, you have to DISGUISE your weakness, not put them out on an island to be burnt time and time again!! Ok, I'm through venting. Next.
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Yes, our defense didn't play well today, but the offense was just as bad, I mean in the last 6 games the Saints have scored 30+ per game, today, 10, no protection for Brees today, that was a big factor in only scoring 10 points.
It just wasn't our day I guess..
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My keys to the game:

1) Drops. Uncharacteristically so across the board. Usually there's someone who takes charge when the bobbles start and makes good on catchable balls. It didn't happen tonite.

2) Bad D reads. Drew didn't do anything but look at exactly where that ball was going. Whatever happened to 'looking off' before throwing the ball. EVERYONE is looking for Reggie to get the ball in the flat by now. Stop throwing it there when its not working. Which leads me to...

3) Coaching's failure to make adjustments. When a D is all over you and your usual gameplan isn't working, then you go back to bread and butter. I kinda saw this happening with the last few games, but reliance solely on Bush is just plain bad football. Reggie is NOT ready to take the feature back load. Laying it on him now is sorta like plucking fruit that's not quite ripe. With some patience, you'll have something satisfying and oh so sweet, but only if you wait. The ball should've been sent between the tackles and given to Deuce for far more touches.

Just my 2 cents

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despite getting beat in almost all phases of the game we still had a chance at winning it. that does say some thing. what exactly i am not to sure off right now. but it something
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