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Stealthman: Some Should Be Ashamed

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Stealthman wrote a cool article and you can Read it here. Look, click the article, read it, and post your comments there. The more interaction you have with the bloggers, the more they will write. We need to merge these ...

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Stealthman: Some Should Be Ashamed

Stealthman wrote a cool article and you can Read it here.

Look, click the article, read it, and post your comments there. The more interaction you have with the bloggers, the more they will write. We need to merge these 2 communities because we are all one in the same, Saints fans.

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RE: Stealthman: Some Should Be Ashamed

hooray for boobies!!
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RE: Stealthman: Some Should Be Ashamed

I think my biggest problem is, that we've kind of been in this position before. Not with the Katrina situation mind you, but the worst to first situation. I remember Ditka's last year with the team, and the high expectations with the Ricky Williams debacle, and the fact that all of our drafts were ruined for the next two season following. Haslett came in, and made a complete believer out of me, with the 2000 season, even after we lost to the Vikings in the play offs, I had my head held high, and thought, this is the beginning of great things to come. Only to be let down, for the five seasons to follow our first ever play off win. I don't think anyone here, can say fans don't have a reason to be gun shy.

Dont' get me wrong, this team is amazing, and I applaud everything they've done to make this season as great as it has been. I would just really like to remember this year's team, as "the team that defied all odds, to win the Superbowl". Not "the team that improved from a 3-13 record, to win the division, and lose the first round of the play offs." That's me.

Someone said a while back, that they were tired of the pats on the head, and the atta boys, from the media, because it seemed like they were just patronizing, due to the Hurricane, not because the team was any good. I understand this thinking, because I believe it to be true. As far as making it to the play offs, we've done this before, and in all aspects of life, you have to progress, and I feel that it is time to do that. We should expect greatness from this team, because they have shown it many times this season, so we know it's there. I agree also that losing one game, should not make the fan base give up on their team, at the same I time, I don't think anyone did. What did everyone in here expect to happen yesterday? All of us to come in happy, dancing, throwing flowers around? We lost. I have never taken losses well, even when we were 3-13. I don't see that changing because we are 9-5, because that's who I am. Just because a person expresses anger over a loss, does not make them any less of a fan, it makes them human. That's just life fella's.

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While I have to agree with him that our year is special -- no matter what happens from here on out -- I disagree that criticism of the redskins game makes one not a true fan. What he does not understand is that we have seen what the Saints are capable of -- and we demand the effort -- we were flat from play one. I saw it when they trotted onto the field -- no excitement -- no pumped up players -- and they played that way throughout the day --

I love our team this year - Brees and Payton have brought an attitude with them -- but they also have broght expectations -- I for one am happy that fans are upset with the game -- it shows we now expect to win every game -- and losing is not an option
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