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FWtex 06-13-2003 02:35 AM

It came up in another post
Brooks is taking alot of heat for his crappy play last year- and with darn good reason. There is a point I would like to relay that is Haz's problem that no one seemes to focus on.

At halftime of the cincinnati game Horn and Reed both approached HAZ and asked him to replace brooks. They told HAZ brooks took "the shot" for the team but he did not have the game to play and BEGGED for Brooks to be benched. Haz refused to bench Brooks and the rest is history.

Did HAz learn anything? I am damn tired of coaching loyalty to players and coaches when they are not getting the job done.

ssmitty 06-13-2003 04:30 AM

It came up in another post
this i never read, do you have a link or article, thanks, smitty

nocloning 06-13-2003 06:02 AM

It came up in another post
Doesn\'t really matter if they approached Haslett. He saw what was happening as well as they did.
Even then it was a mystery to me why Haz didn\'t react and I still haven\'t figured it out. Maybe he felt like they would never win a play-off game with Jake, that they would need AB for it. Or maybe that it was better for the team\'s (Brooks\') future not to bench him so he could learn how to play through injury. Or that benching Brooks would undermine his confidence which would be bad for the team in the long run.
At that point of the season and the situation the Saints were in all these arguments still don\'t suffice to let him stay in IMHO. And to all those who say that Brooks should\'ve gone to Haz to say: \"Please bench me\" ... get real. You just don\'t do that in the NFL unless you are unable to enter the field at all. Brooks probably knew he was only 80%, but as he thinks of himself as a Pro Bowl quarterback those 80% were still better than Jake at 100 in his eyes. Of course he wants to prove that he can overcome injury and still get his team the win. Didn\'t Elway play with a broken foot?
It\'s solely Haslett\'s call who starts and stays in. And he blew it the last few games.

BucNup 06-13-2003 07:50 AM

It came up in another post
What\'s the opinion of Haslett overall from Saints fans in general? The last few seasons, things have fallen apart at the end and in my opinion, it\'s not from the lack of players you guys have.

The Saints clearly match-up well, if not better than almost ever team in the NFL, let alone the South. Where do you draw the line on your coaching situation?

PS: How can I add a image to my post, more consistent with my team? Thanks

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subguy 06-13-2003 08:12 AM

It came up in another post
Bucknup, send your avatar to If it is a product of another site you should request permission. I am not sure who to point fingers at for our late season demise. The coaches should keep a team focused, but you still need key leaders on the field . Like you have with Brooks.

BillyCarpenter1 06-13-2003 10:38 AM

It came up in another post

PS: How can I add a image to my post, more consistent with my team?
Just find you a gay webpage and find an image that you like and send it to the webmaster.. If I can be of more help in the future, let me know.

BucNup 06-13-2003 10:51 AM

It came up in another post
Thanks Billy!

Cassady37 06-13-2003 11:46 AM

It came up in another post
I was thinking any pictures from the Saints/Tampa game last year would be pretty great on here. How about the tackle/interception/touchdown of the punter? Just a suggestion, it would make you really popular with lots of approval! I\'m messin\' with ya Buc, don\'t take it too seriously!

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