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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Has anyone heard anything about what our starters are doing this game?...

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Has anyone heard anything about what our starters are doing this game?
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RE: Starters...

Welcome to the BlackandGold Breez first off..
I heard today on the radio that Payton said only that he does have a game plan but not ready to reveal anything else..
That is all I heard this week on this subject..
I say he plays all of his starters for the entire game and goes for the win.
I would like to beat the Panthers which would make the Saints 11-5 and would for sure take away any chances that the Panthers would make the playoffs.
The only way the Panthers can make it to the playoffs is that they beat us and that both the Packers and Giants lose, it wouldn't make me sad if the Panthers don't make post play..

Rest In Peace JoeSam, thanks for everything my friend.
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Unless the team is ridiculously far ahead by early or mid 4th, I say play the starters until any nicks or bruises show up. Anyone would have two weeks to shore up those injuries. Otherwise, why would fans pay tickets or show up to watch a Barry Switzer Pro-Bowl cookout unless the Super Dome treats this game as a #2 seed celebration party? Make the other team(s) earn their spots in the postseason.
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The problem is the potential injury issue. The #2 seed is secure, so other than the fact that it's the Panthers, the game has no strategic meaning for the team.

My vote is still for the starters to play a cursory 1st quarter, then give everyone a chance
to get in while the studs sit on the sidelines and cheer them on.

As must as I want blood from the Panthers, I wouldn't want to lose a critical player for the playoffs in the process.

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i dont see the starters playing past the 2nd qtr....
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Im thinking we'll play our players so that they don't have two weeks off to get rusty... We all know they'll play at least a half... Maybe Brees, and Reggie will get pulled quicker then the others.. and I read Will Isn't playing... but i don't see sitting the starters for two weeks a good thing...
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And our Offense is so based on timing that I really hope we don't sit everyone.. Colston should take a Half off but really other then that it would be terrible to see us at home in the game befor the NFC championship so rusty we can't move the ball.. (Redskins, Ravens)
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I 'd say we have to play them to the 4th quarter at least, we're going to have to much down time between this game and the next... ie, bye week.
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I think a lot depends on how the game goes, if we go up big early, I see the starters coming out at the half or even before. If it is close, hopefully they come out at the end of the third quarter. I'd like to see the starters get plenty of work in.
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YO, our home record is 4-3, if for nothing else play it for a respectable home record. I don't want who ever we play in that playoff game to think we're a .500 team in the DOME. Teams look for any kind of ammunition going on the road in the playoffs, and a .500 home record would defenantly fuel thier fire. Besides, 2 weeks is a lot of time off, i don't think sitting the starters for the entire game would benefit us at all. I say play the starters for at lest the first half, then start integrating the 2nd stringers in to the line up. GO NFC SOUTH DIVISION CHAMPION SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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