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Did that loss cost Payton coach of the year???

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I'll say this, BlackSaint...after seeing how AWFUL the Bears played against the Packers last night, the Eagles are the only team in the NFC that scares me....

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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Did that loss cost Payt

I'll say this, BlackSaint...after seeing how AWFUL the Bears played against the Packers last night, the Eagles are the only team in the NFC that scares me.
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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Did that loss cost Payton coach

I hope he wins it.
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He should. Hes the best out there. If drew would have stayed in the gave carolina woul dbe firing their coach today thats how bad they would have lost.
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I just don't see how people are saying Payton has COY in the bag already. Looking at the body of work....both the Jets and Saints are 10-6. Jets have played a MUCH tougher schedule, and have far less talent than the Saints. That's facts.

Payton will probably get it because of the Katrina factor, but people aren't seeing the magnitude of the job that Mangini has done with the Jets.

Oh and I do hope Payton actually wins it. But if he doesn't I'm ok with it as well.
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I disagree that the Jets have a poorer talent pool than the Saints. Their defense was good last season and was pretty good this season, their roster didn't go through the huge purge the Saints did because it wasn't necessary. By virtue of the continuity the Jets had over the Saints, Mangini's task was orders of magnitude easier.

As for the schedule, take a closer look, Goldrush The Saints didn't have but three potential or actual playoff caliber teams in their last 5 games while the Jets had only 1; the Saints last 5 totalled 37 wins vs the Jets' 29. The Jets only played 4 teams of significance - Bears, NE, Jax and Indy, while the Saints played 10 teams who had playoff aspirations late in the season.

It doesn't matter who wins this meaningless award. It only matters whether Payton can keep his team focused for the next 10 days on kicking arse.

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Here is why Payton wins.

He got rid of HALF the team, brought in NEW players; got Bush, and the biggest surprise of the draft in Colston; whipped the crap out of this old team; and not to beat a dead horse.....but took a team from 3-13 to a first round bye. Maybe that's not good enough in the eyes of a God, but in human terms that's pretty damn good. Everyone thought this team would be nothing, to include myself. Stop giving them so much CRAP! They are a great team and have earned to be where they are! Katrina isn't a factor in this. Nothing more to say on that.

As far as nothing good came from Sundays game is a crock! Our frist drive was easy as can be. We also know who (Good replacement) we have IF one of our starters were to get injured. A couple of the guys on this thread seem like it is impossible to be happy about our team. So what if the Colts and Bears player their starters..they had too. Colt were fighting for the #3 seed and the Bears were in a rivalry game, and needed to know if their QBand backup QB were good.

Just be happy guys we are one step closer to the SuperBowl.

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When will we know who wins COY?
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in the picture i would say no. what it showed is that our bench is good. the defensive side played better. that only secures the coach of the year award.
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Payton has COY all wrapped up.

Also, would you have preferred we pull a Seattle and lose 2 CB's in a game that meant nothing?
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Just to add one writers view posted on NFL.com.

Sounds about right to me!( Except for the L.T for MVP part, Though I might be a bit biased there? )

Coach of the Year: Sean Payton, New Orleans. This one was as easy as choosing Tomlinson for MVP. Payton didn't just return the Saints to the playoffs; he changed the culture around the club -- turning a sad-sack loser into the NFC's second seed in the playoffs. I wasn't sold on this team until I saw it destroy Dallas in Dallas. Then it breezed into Giants Stadium and leveled New York in a game Big Blue desperately needed. One thing about both wins that impressed me: Payton's play calling. He's not afraid to take chances, a signal to players that he believes in them. And his players responded, leading the league in offense after finishing 20th last season. Runner up: Eric Mangini, N.Y. Jets.
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