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SapperSaint 01-05-2007 10:30 AM

The Dome is Home
I notice we talk about our team, fans and coaches on here alot, but we don't talk about our home.

I remeber a year back that we talked on this site about what to do with the Dome? Myself, along with many others saw the destruction as a chance for our team to get a new stadium. Many said that the horrid memories; that happened in the Dome during Katrina were just to awful and it needed top be torn down and start anew.

After watching the games at home, (in the Dome) this season and watching the Sugar Bowl make it's return. I have found myself feeling ashamed that I ever typed, thought and spoke the words that we should get rid of the SuperDome. It is home. Yes, we will always remeber what happened inside and outside, but she (the Dome) was there to protect those people and thank God someone wanted to protect her.

I don't think the magic we have seen this year would have been possible or meant as much if it would have been played in another "New, HighTech" stadium. They way the fans have turned out and showed up to the games is one of the best ways to remember the people who lost thier lives there. I have not been able to make a home game this year and I salute those of you that have. Keep it up.

This is just my way to tell the Dome, "I'm glad your still here and sorry for ever doubting you lost your magic."

zgalbert 01-05-2007 11:26 AM

RE: The Dome is Home
GOD BLESS, thanks for bringing that topic up. I strongly agree. Go Saints! It's sad to drive through the east and see the neighborhoods still dead and silent. I noticed right before the chalmette exit this past weekend there were apartments out there. I have never noticed them before and since the trees are dead, a lot of stuff is appearing along the interstate that you have never seen before.

Someone needs to come up with a plan to atleast clean up the parking lots etc.. along the I-10 in New Orleans east to atleast make it presentable to tourist and others that drive through to visit our wonderful city.

redjem25 01-05-2007 01:52 PM

RE: The Dome is Home
Its so sad out there, one of our clients are out there and they said they do not have mail service. 18 months later and nothing???

zioni504 01-06-2007 02:17 AM

RE: The Dome is Home
There's no place like dome!
She's beatiful isnt she....

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