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whowatches 06-14-2003 09:01 AM

Defensive optimist
Dr. Z had Fred Thomas ranked as one of the top five cornerbacks in the league last year? (

I've always admired Thomas's toughness, but I don't know if I'd have chosen him for this list.

My point is, maybe we should be a little more optimistic about the defense for next season. The weakest spot is MLB, but if Jackson can get into reasonable shape for second or third DT, Ruff may have a chance to blossom. (A healthy rotation of DTs keep O linemen off the MLB.)

I also think that D.Smith has another good season in his tank. He definitely will be an improvement over Clemmons this year.

Rogers leadership will also be invaluable. He is one of my favorite additions to the team this offseason.

Just some happy thoughts about the D. Any other optimists out there?

BillyCarpenter1 06-14-2003 09:05 AM

Defensive optimist
Sure, I\'m optimistic, I\'m a Saints fan.

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