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What is the QB's job?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Subguy, As I have said many time.......BROOKS NEEDS TO IMPROVE.........For a QB that only started for the second year in the NFL, it is not usual to make \"flaky mistakes\". And no one player can get a team where they ...

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What is the QB's job?


As I have said many time.......BROOKS NEEDS TO IMPROVE.........For a QB that only started for the second year in the NFL, it is not usual to make \"flaky mistakes\". And no one player can get a team where they need to be. Brooks touchdown to interception raito was good. His passing yards were good. His touchdown passes were good.

He needs to make better descisons, so his completion percentage will be higher. The offense is fine and Brooks will be too.

Does no one on here not know that the QB positon is the most difficult postion to play? Give the guy some time to correct those mistakes.

He played with a rookie wide receiver and a running back that was a first year starter. If you think Brooks is stuggling anymore than some other QB\'s, that are now very good QB\'s , I don\'t know what else to tell you.
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What is the QB's job?

A good quaterback\'s job is to execute the game plan as prepared for the whole week in practice. He isn\'t responsible for creating it just executing it. The offense coordinator should bear more responsibility for the \"plan\". Of course the head coach should bear it all. Deuce and Horn, in my opinion, are responsible for the majority of the points scored last year. But I MUST also give allot of credit to our very special special teams unit for both scoring and setting things up. Hopefully this often overlooked part of our team will be just as productive as last year. Mcarthy did a good job planning and calling plays for the most part. Our biggest problem area is defense. Venturi to blame? Maybe or maybe not entirely. He didn\'t have the best talent to work with but I still feel he could have done better. The defense as a whole could have done better. Haz needs to step in here and make whatever corrections he feels is needed. After all it is his total responsibility and his job to loose.
Blaming AB for loosing games makes as much sense as blaming the water boy. AB is good! He has talent we haven\'t had at the position in quite a few years. Is he the best? no but he looses very few games for us. He does win more for us than he looses. Deuce deserves allot of credit but he also needs a quality back up. Someone to spell him from time to time and also step up should Deuce get hurt. Our receivers are most likely the strongest part of our team, they just need to get the ball when the opportunity presents itself. Opportunity is the key here. Open up the offense and utilize what we have. TE position should be vastly improved this year. Lets use them. It will relieve allot of pressure on AB and Deuce as well as our receivers.
Bottom line is why do we NEED to blame AB? Yes he made mistakes but who hasn\'t? If it is necessary to lay blame lay it where it matters....on the coaches and coordinators. If it is a player costing us games over and over again...cut him! If it\'s a coach or coordinator....replace him too!
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What is the QB's job?

Well, Whodat, you\'ll disagree with me, but thats what makes this fun. I know I said I was done with this argument \'til the season started, but I just...can\'t...help....it....

Exactly what the QB\'s \"job\" is is debateable, but one thing is for sure and for certain...no matter what ANYone\'s personal opinion might be regarding AB...and that ONE thing is:

With Brooks at QB we had the pleasure of watching the most prolific Saints offense in the history of the franchise.

With Brooks at QB, the Saints averaged nearly 30 points a game last year. As I\'ve said many times...thow all your stats out the window...whether we liked out TE\'s or receivers or backs or QB or not...as a group (group is the key word) they averaged nearly 30 points a game.

Now, I submit the following for those that might not have been around for my quite lengthy discussion with Whodat many moons ago: If you\'re scoring nearly 30 points a game and you\'re not winning consistantly where do you look to find the problem? The answer is VERY simple. It\'s DEFENSE!!!!!!

So, while Whodat and his deciples bashed the living hell out of AB last year...blaming him for all the woes of the team, I beat my head on my desk in pure disbelief, because the issue was OBVIOUSLY NOT with the QB or the offense.

My question to ANYONE who thinks AB either can\'t or won\'t succeed is as it has always been:

How many points to they need to score? The Brooks bashers will come back with some pretty ludicrous stuff. \"His back did all the work.\" \"His receivers did all the work.\" It was always something...ANYthing to keep from saying ANYthing positive about AB.

How many dancing bananas will Saintfan award YOU????
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What is the QB's job?

If this same team had a 30 year old Montana or Young, we\'d be averaging about 35 points per game and defending our back-to-back-to-back superbowls.
But we don\'t. We have Brooks and Bouman.

If Brooks improves (and I think he will), we\'ll be a SB contender.

If he stays the same, we\'ll be playoff also-rans and not much else.

If he digresses, we\'ll miss the playoffs and have to listen to all the \"I told you so\" crowds.

But I doubt we all have this same discussion next year, because if he doesn\'t get better, they will make a change.

Whether we agree or disagree; its all for Him.
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What is the QB's job?

Saints 27.........Rams 24

Aaron Brooks throws for 295yds/3 TD/2 Ints. SAINTS WIN GAME. Aaron Brooks throws for 3tds and 295 yards. Aaron Brooks was outstanding today. He played well beyond his years as a starting NFL quarterback. Aaron Brooks is the future of the New Orleans Saints.

Saints 24..........Rams 27

Aaron Brooks throw for 295yds/ 3 TD/2 Ints. SAINTS LOSE GAME. Aaron Brooks threw
for 3TD\'s and 295 yards. Aaron Brooks showed he can put up big numbers but has no leadership qualites. Fans calling for Bowman to start.

This is not a real game all stats and scores have been modified to proctect the actual players. No part of this post can be trasmitted with expressed written concent.
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What is the QB's job?

What is interestng is that most prople here seem to be either completely for or completely against Brooks as a viable option at QB for the forseeable future. I tend to lean towards the former, but I can recognize as valid points made by the latter.

For the most part I think we all agree that Brooks is a talented QB. But many claim that his talent is not making up for his lack of leadership, consistency and game management.

Leadership: We can\'t really know how his teammates view him. I believe they respect him, but, as I\'ve said before, I think he wants to more one of the guys than their leader. The thing about leadership is it cannot be learned for the most part. Aaron has leadership qualities, but they are not honed yet. The question here is: Is he going to be able to learn how to utilize his natural leadership or not. My take is he\'ll get better but he\'ll never be a great leader.

Consistency: I would say this is his biggest area of weakness. Aaron tends to let his mechanics and decision making break down when things aren\'t going right. The good thing is, as we saw at Chicago, he is capable of forgetting his mistakes and making plays even though the early part of the game did not go so well. Aaron tends to back-peddle and throw off his back foot when pressured even though he has good scrambling ability. This is his most pressing need.

Game Management: Nobody claimed he couldn\'t manage a game while we had a winning record. The games we lost in the first half of the season last year, IMO, were more on the team as a whole playing flat - not on whether Aaron knew when to throw the ball away to avoid a sack or interception.

Lastly, we have to question his durability for a 16 game season. He was drained at the end of 2001 and he was injured last year. This is the big question. Can he make it a full year at his early season level of play?
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What is the QB's job?

I am sorry SaintFan.........but the thread was entitled what is the QB\'s job, not where is our biggest area of improvement. 2 different things. Defense was our biggest issue. This is Brooks defining year,as it is Haz\'s. To throw all of the stats out the window would mean we couldn\'t count your 30 point average you referred to. I am not a Brooks basher, I am saying you cannot teach someone to be a leader. Most of those are qualities you are born with. That will be Brooks undoing.
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What is the QB's job?

I am sorry too, SaintFan,

For those comments by Subguy. But he\'s entitled to his opinion.
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What is the QB's job?

Billy how is the score of a Rams game 2 yrs ago, going on 3yrs, suppose to help the saints in 2003? Do you walk into your bosses office and remind him of sucess you had a couple yrs ago when he is trying to pay bills today?

As for the QB\'s job it is to run the offense and make it as effective as it can possibly be. The QB\'s job is to protect the ball. The QB is responsible for directing the offensive players around him. The QB is the onfield leader and should assume the role of a team leader. The QB is the one player who touches the ball 99.9% of the offensive plays and is responsible for reading defenses and making correct calls. The QB accepts the blame when things go bad and praises his teammates when everything is great. The QB is the guy the rest of the offense looks to for direction. The QB should not be seen as the voice of the Off. Coord.

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What is the QB's job?


That wasn\'t a reference to any game. It\'s an anology to the fans reaction when the Saints lose and win a game. I made the games up.
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