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tweeky 06-14-2003 02:01 PM

Our competition's offseason...
I see our competion for playoff spots as such...
In order of SB potential

Good shot at the big show...

1. Tampa Bay: (No Change) They are about the same. Didn't improve much but alas, didn't need to. Hopefully age starts to wear on them. 11-5
2. Philly: (Slightly Worse) Offense about the same, defense took a step back. 10-6
3. NY Giants: (Slightly Better) Lets face it, a bad call and weak Special Teams probably cost them a shot at NFC championship. 9-7
4. GB Packers (Slightly Better on Offense). There window is closing, fast. Pretty much this year or start re-building. 10-6
5. New Orleans (Better). Slightly better offense. Much better defense. A 2 game improvement is justifyable, which means 11-5. We were 3 plays from 12-4. We'll go 10-6
6. Falcons: (Better) With Vick as the media darling, they'll get the calls only the 49'ers used to get. It makes me want to vomit. 10-6

Sleepers with a good shot at their division:
Seattle: Hot during last 1/2 of season. If Defense improves can challenge with that easy schedule.
Rams: Hard to believe a sleeper but they are now an also ran but with a health Faulk and Warner, can beat anybody.
49'ers: Somebody has to win their division. Still enough talent but its a 3-way toss-up for this division.
Vikings: If Tice drops the nice-guy tag, this team is dangerous.

Best of the rest: (Cinderellas)
Dallas: But not even Parcells can turn this team around in 1 year.
Redskins: OVER-RATED!!!!!! Need a lot of luck. Snyder's head may explode this year.
Carolina: Will scare a bunch of teams and will be everyone's sleeper pick in 2004.

2004 draft here yet?
Arizona: We old Saints fans know how you feel guys.
Detroit: Will show hope for the motor city faithful.
Chicago: 2 years away.

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tweeky 06-17-2003 07:10 PM

Our competition's offseason...
Maybe this will spark some comments...

Do you think Aaron Brooks is the reason we\'re not NFC South Favorites?

BillyCarpenter1 06-17-2003 07:17 PM

Our competition's offseason...
Peraonally I think Brooks is the cause of global warming, world hunger, and that new monkey pox virus.

He is not a leader and can\'t learn to become one. He reminds me too much of John Elway his first 3-years in the league..and look at what that bum did.

BlackandBlue 06-17-2003 07:25 PM

Our competition's offseason...

Know what that sound is? I\'ll give you a hint. It involves me with a bat in my hands and the rotting corpse of a horse laying at my feet.

I\'m glad to see that I\'m not the only one that is giving the Giants credit. They\'ll make the playoffs. My sleeper pick for the playoffs? Vikiings win the North, Detroit misses the playoffs by 3 games, and Green Bay falls out of contention.

ScottyRo 06-17-2003 07:39 PM

Our competition's offseason...
I\'ll give the Giants credit as soon as I can figure out why it is that I hate Jim Fassell. He seems to have done pretty good so far as a coach, but the guy just gets under my skin. I can\'t think of another coach I dispise more.

Also, I absolutely agree with the \"Vick getting the calls\" philosophy. I was hoping that was a one-year thing designed to get him on his feet. (fingers crossed) If the refs call a fair game, they\'re an 8-8 team at best.

The Bucs will still be good. Philli too if they can overcome the D loss. GB gets another fairly easy run through their division. The 49ers have the best shot in the West, but it really depends on how Seattle and St. Louis play this year.

Carolina may be everyone\'s pick as sleeper, but that will come down to their QB situation. I expect Jake to win the job but struggle to be average.

BillyCarpenter1 06-17-2003 07:51 PM

Our competition's offseason...
The only prediction I have is the Bucs don\'t even make the playoffs this year. The Bucs didn\'t scare me last year nor do they scare me this year. Not to mention they are playing in perhaps the toughest division in football. All you have to do is look at some of the past Superbowl winners to see they didn\'t even make the playoffs the following year. The Superbowl champs might use to have been the team to beat ,but not in today\'s NFL>>>

tweeky 06-18-2003 11:35 PM

Our competition's offseason...

The only prediction I have is the Bucs don\'t even make the playoffs this year. Not to mention they are playing in perhaps the toughest division in football.
Correct, and this year they also play the NFC East, Packers and 49\'ers. We get Chicago and Seattle, Atlanta gets Rams and Vikes? Advantage Saints.
Last years schedule was fairly easy for TB. This year I can see them losing 6-7 games.

subguy 06-19-2003 01:07 AM

Our competition's offseason...
LMAO @ B&B...When the Giants fully utilize Shockey, they will with out a doubt improve.

BucNup 06-23-2003 05:29 AM

Our competition's offseason...
Good post Tweeky...

I can\'t argue with anything you\'ve stated, maybe your take on the Giants? All I know is that our opener will have a huge impact on how we handle the pressure of the rest of the season. It\'s going to be a nasty, nasty atmosphere returning to the scene of the crime; at Philly....

With the worst of the off-season problems hopefully behind us, we will be out to prove that our offense has made steps at significant improvements, while we hope that our defense will continue to hold their ground.... The addition of Rudd has me very excited, he should make the departure of Singleton less impactful; as long as Rudd can keep his damn helmet on!

I think the Giants will be replaced with the re-emergence of the Rams this year. Martz is on the fence IMO, and he\'s going to go deep into his play book. Hopefully with the return of a healthy Warner, the Rams will put points on the board again this year. Also, having Faulk is always a good thing. Lovie Smith a by-product of the Bucs calling the shots on the D will only get better as the time progresses.

Personally, I\'d love to see the Packers fall off into sub .500 land, but as with Faulk, Favre will command excellence from the group of guys he has on the field. The rumors of Brett retiring has to spark his fire, as well as the team. The Packers biggest problems will be their consistent breakdown on the D......

I\'m placing the Falcons and Saints in the same grouping, because I think it is important for both teams to pick-up (sorta) where they left off. It would prove the nay-sayers right if either team where to have any setbacks this year. Basically, both teams need to answer the bell by making the playoffs this year, or look for changes in the personell departments, of each team.

Dallas, Washington could be the biggest news out of the NFC this year. Both teams are dying to re-gain some of the luster that has made their teams historic past. With the Tuna facing off with Spurrier twice in the year, one thing is guranteed. Some feelings and players are going to get hurt....

Vikings and Bears: Screw\'em both. That\'s just a little love from an old NFC Central rival..... Actually both teams could battle for the North supremecy. The Packers are favored, but all I keep seeing is that poor performance in last year\'s playoff game. The Falcons came in and pimped Brett and Co., now everyone is thinking they can do it. Excluding the toothless Lions; the North is a toss up, much as my thoughts of the South.

Arizona and Carolina - Which team will we see? Your guess is as good as mine. But, until kickoff time 9/8/03, I\'ll give them the benefit of the doubt and grant them some respect. which is probably to deminish at each snap of the ball....

tweeky 06-23-2003 07:22 AM

Our competition's offseason...
Buc, you\'re probably right on the Giants. They have to play the NFC South (BRUTAL) and the AFC East (Also BRUTAL). They may have a great team and still finish 9-7. My 9-7 prediction could easily go 8-8 and out of the playoffs.

The whole NFC East palys the 2 hardest divisions in football and the winner of that division may only be 9-7.

The NFC South plays the 3rd best (maybe 2nd) division in the NFC and the worst division in the AFC.

Advantage NFC South.
I see one team from the NFC east making the playoffs.
I see one team from the NFC north
That leaves 5 teams from the West and South.
SF, STL, TB, NO, ATL, with CAR and SEA as sleepers.

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