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Cooky591 06-14-2003 10:22 PM

Pre-Season Magazines
I wanted to know if any of you read these preseason NFL magazines. I am addicted to them. I believe that either Street & Smiths' or The Sporting News are the best. I have already got the S & S this year. It ranked the Saints as the number 4 team in the NFC... SOUTH!!! They do put a disclaimer by saying that all the teams are really close and that they believe the Saints could be playoff contenders. Have any of you gotten any of these already? If so, what are they saying about Saints? I put a good amount of faoth in them. Does anyone else?

BillyCarpenter1 06-14-2003 10:26 PM

Pre-Season Magazines
I read all of them but haven\'t got them this year. I save all of them and they are wrong every year with their predictions.

deadflatbird 06-15-2003 07:34 AM

Pre-Season Magazines
yeah its just someone\'s opinon in those mags. Last year they were wrong... I predict they will be wrong this year. Saints to win the division this year!!!

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