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rusta 06-15-2003 09:06 AM

jones to tampa good/bad?
i lived in tucson for four years before i recently moved to dc area about 6 months ago, so i went to alot of cardinals games(you take what you can get)

while there i was always more impressed with jones than pittman, i understand that pittman beat jones out for the starting job but mcginnis is a moron, jones was hurt alot and i think that really hurt him more than anything, between injuries last year he showed flashes of brilliance, assumming he doesn't get hurt jones scares me more than pittman(who looks like he might go to jail)

what do you guys think? this is assuming that alstot doesn't take over as the feature back, bucnup i don't like the pretense that you are here under but maybe you can tell us who tampa plans to start

BucNup 06-15-2003 09:59 AM

jones to tampa good/bad?
Since you don\'t like me being here, will you give me mad props after the following info?

The Jones deal was done essentially, because Pittman is in really big trouble over his domestic situation. He has not been made public or officical, but the Bucs are not expecting Pittman to be playing for the team in 2003, or the forseeable future. In other words, he\'s done....

I hope you assessment of Jones is correct and it makes this trade even more exciting. This is a safe trade for the Bucs, because ultimately we had to do something, because the Pittman situation is just waiting to explode. Alstott is a great back, but has the tendency to put the ball on the carpet. Plus he does not fit into the prototype RB that Gruden wants to spear head the offense. I\'m not saying Alstott can\'t run the offense, but Gruden knows how he wants to do things and everything he\'s done so far has been GOLD.

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BillyCarpenter1 06-15-2003 10:07 AM

jones to tampa good/bad?

It couldn\'t have happened to a nicer team. You sound a littled worried???? Your so in love with Gruden. Do you have to gay everything up???Bucs Swap Walker for Jones

Jones, has 362 career carries for (3.5 avg.) .

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BucNup 06-15-2003 10:18 AM

jones to tampa good/bad?
Shoooo fly shoooo....

When are YOU going to talk football, instead of running up behind my post with your childish jibberish?

What makes me seem worried?

BillyCarpenter1 06-15-2003 10:24 AM

jones to tampa good/bad?
Here\'s some football for ya..chump!!! You didn\'t have a good running back last year and because Pittman is going to prison, your man Gruden was desperate and traded forJones. Jones average per carry is a mesely 3.5yds. Of course that great passing attack you guys have should be able to make up for that, right?

BucNup 06-15-2003 10:50 AM

jones to tampa good/bad?
This is my final response to any more of your post, because obviously you just throw stuff out, without really thinking about it.....

1. What\'s desperate about a player for player trade? This sort of thing doesn\'t happen very often in the NFL. It\'s usually a player and some cash, or draft picks to follow. Not a 3rd or 4th team WR, for a former 1st rounder.

2. Jones has be riddled with injuries, coupled with the increased game play of Schipp decreased his touches, add to that running behind an Cardinals OL doesn\'t help things at all. Instead of reading and grasping at information that you think makes you look knowledgeable; it would have really impressed me, had you known that Pittman averaged \"a measely 3.5\" yards a carry all of last year.

So in a sense, we are basically where we left off with Pittman. This deal is contingent on Jones being and staying healthy. Pittman was expected to have a breakout season this fall, but that does not look like it will happen as I\'ve said. But in a funny way, the anticipation has been placed on Jones\' shoulders now to produce that breakout. He has all of the makings for this to happen too.

He\'s played extremely well in some games, most notable (Seahawks 173 yards) and he\'s busted in some games. It\'s all about N.T.N.T.N.T and sometimes it can be the best thing to happen for players.

Goodbye Billy.....

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BillyCarpenter1 06-15-2003 10:52 AM

jones to tampa good/bad?
And he walks outta my life forever...........

BillyCarpenter1 06-15-2003 12:01 PM

jones to tampa good/bad?

You can\'t beat me trash talking!!! It\'s killlin\' you ain\'t it man? When I trash talk you want me to talk football, when I talk football, you want to talk trash. I\'ve read all that garbage you put up about Jones being a great trade for the Bucs and how a \"player for player\" trade very rarely happens, there is usually some cash or a draft pick involved. I aslo read the article you got that from. Man, you better quit beleiving everything you read. Player for Player trades happen quite often. So, its obviousthat you just throw things out there that you have no facts to back them up with. It\'s also obvious that you rely on others thoughts and opinions and don\'t know enough about football to stand on your own two feet. If you want to talk football that\'s fine but if you want to trash talk...get up or stay at home.

Here\'s the low-down on Jones.

Bidwill declined to pay Jones $135,000. Jones has another year left on his contract, but the decision not to pay him could indicate club officials no longer view him as the top running back. Before the injury, Jones was in danger of losing his job to Marcel Shipp. Jones, the seventh overall pick in 2000, had lost the starting job in the previous two seasons, too. (Kent Somers/TSN) » fantasy spin

Jones started nine of the first 10 games last year and had a career-high 173 yards on 24 carries against Seattle on Sept. 15.

Mommy stands behind her son......

But he finished the season with only 511 yards on 138 carries and missed the last six games after breaking his hand off the field. He reported the injury Nov. 23, bringing his mother to team headquarters to back up his story that he broke the hand reaching for a telephone.

The team placed him on the reserve-non-football injury list Nov. 26 and refused to pay his salary the rest of the season.

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rusta 06-15-2003 08:37 PM

jones to tampa good/bad?
i have to correct you here buc

the arizona OL is one of the better lines in the NFC and they are young, this is one factor everyone overlooked in assessing plummer, granted plummer had no one to throw to until boston but a good QB should be able to make up for lack of WR\'s(aka favre), denver made a mistake

got a little of the point but the cards have a good young OL, jones never got a chance between the injuries and mcginnis being a moron, however i don\'t think gruden will use him either, wrong kinda back for gruden

lumm0x 06-15-2003 11:10 PM

jones to tampa good/bad?
Jones to Tampa good/bad?

Who cares. They filled a need for a bum with a bum.

Jones/Pittman...same sh!t different pile.

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