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The Patriots = No Class

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; If you're gonna do that silly crap, the dancin', the jump shots (Personally I think this one is stoooopid beyond all others), then you better be ready to have it shoved back in your face. Let it go LT....

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If you're gonna do that silly crap, the dancin', the jump shots (Personally I think this one is stoooopid beyond all others), then you better be ready to have it shoved back in your face.

Let it go LT.
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The thing that gets me, is why would LT want to call out Bill Belicheck like this. One coach you don't want to piss off is the patriots coach. Now that they have a rivalry starting, the patriots will dominate the chargers year in and year out. It doesn't matter who your coach will be in the future, the chargers will get out coached, and out played.
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Originally Posted by xan
Boo hoo. That mean old team with no talent beat me and my supremely arrogant and stupid teammates in our house when we had two weeks to prepare and they had to play a tough game last week. And to top it off, when we jeered at them during the week and before the game with rediculous dances and smugly incomprehensible comments, they had the nerve to celebrate their achievement and our foolishness in the middle of our field where we played the game. We may be losers and they may be the better team, but they should know better than to be happy for themselves and revel in our indignity, especially since we showed little effort to control ourselves in the first place. We invented that dance and this country should have laws protecting us from being humiliated for prancing like we're winners without actually winning.

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Originally Posted by Tobias-Reiper
Originally Posted by saintpaul25
I didn't know this either, but apparently, Meriman, in response to him not getting defensive player of the year, sent Jason Taylor a box of popcorn in the mail. To eat, while he's watching the play offs from his couch. I wonder if Jason spilled it laughing, when the Chargers lost.

I can't believe no one has given me one prop, for picking the Pats over the Chargers.... (sob, sob) Sometimes I think you guys don't pay any attention to me at all.......
So let me get this straight: you want props for predicting a team coached by Marty Schottenheimer would lose a playoff game?
Point noted.
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I don't know about them being "classless" or whatever, but in my opinion they DO play dirty ball and seemingly get away with things that others do not. The changes in defensive illegal contact rules were a direct result of their mauling of Colts receivers in a playoff game. The rule existed at the time of the mauling and yet nothing was called during the game.

When I watch the Pats, I see them hit people late and out of bounds. They get away with blatant holding by their offensive line all the time, I'm talking fully extended arms with fists knotted in defenders' jerseys - and this over and over again.

Just my opinion but they are one of the dirtiest teams in football.

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