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BrooksMustGo 01-16-2007 07:10 PM

Apologies and Gratitude
This is such a great season I have been able to witness. We have accomplished more than I could have imagined back in August and as of today, I can't see the Bears being able to stop this team. So with unbridled hope, I wanted to send out some love to some people who've really gotten a raw deal from me over the past few years.

Mickey Loomis--I had you chalked up as a bean counter who didn't know beans about the game. I apologize, you've built a winner.

Hollis Thomas--I thought you were the worst trade of this season and a wasted draft selection. I apologize, you've been a major key to our defense's success.

Charles Grant--I wanted to deal you this season. I apologize, you've played your way into a fat new contract.

Reggie Bush--I thought you were a luxury this team just couldn't afford. You've turned out to be the one guy that no defense can ignore and a tremendous asset to us.

Jon Stinchcomb--You've probably taken the worst beating from me since we drafted you. You're a gamer and have had a great season. I apologize.

And with gratitude
Deuce--You've left it all on the field since you've been here. It's so rewarding to watch a classy, gaming player get his due.

Drew--Thank you for taking a chance on us and coming with such a great, can-do attitude. You could have been another player collecting a check from his last choice of teams, but you've been a leader and a great adopted son of the city.

Sean Payton--Thank you for choosing to take this job. Thank you for making the hard choices to create a winning team that plays as a team. I'm blown away that you were willing to start over and am thrilled by your success.

Tom Benson--Thank you for choosing to keep the team in New Orleans. I will not question your motives in doing so, I'm grateful that you did. I'm grateful that you hired Coach Payton, that you stuck with Loomis and that you opened up the wallet to bring in guys like Drew and Reggie who have been HUGE to this team.

I can't wait to see what MY SAINTS do to the bears this weekend! I wish Buddy in all his excited, incomprehensible personality were here to see it and report on it.


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