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TheKillerBs 01-17-2007 03:43 AM

A Simple Explanation, For You Chicago Fans
Okay, I've been around this board for a while, though I rarely post unless I have something to say. Before I begin, let me apologize if someone has beaten me to this point in another thread.

Okay, with all disclaimers out of the way, here goes...

Apparently, the question on many a Chicago fan's mind is, "Why do you people just assume that the Saints are going to win?"

The answer to that is actually quite simple.
It's not about stats, it has nothing to do with how the teams match up.

No, the reason is the same reason you guys assume the Bears are going to win... We're homers, just like you.
We have FAITH in our boys to get it done, plain and simple.

Although, I do have to say that, anyone who truly believes that the Bears' offense is better than the Saints' offense... Has obviously gotten into Ricky Williams' stash.

Okay, the bickering may now resume...
Just remember, we're all be a civil homer, at the least.

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