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lumm0x 06-17-2003 09:54 PM

Billy and B&B leave for Canada
Here in Alberta we\'re rednecks. We only allow same sex marriages if it\'s between two different species.

BillyCarpenter1 06-17-2003 10:02 PM

Billy and B&B leave for Canada

Thanks for letting me know where you and your old man/old lady, (as I do not know which one of you wear the panties in the family) tied the not. I wish you guys nothing but the best. I mean, I\'m not into the whole life style thing, but to each his on.


I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Get that GAYTOR queer sh!it outta here when you talking to me.

With a name like GAYdorman, I\'d be careful........

Or how bout\' this one........... Gay Door Man !!! Du Du Dude look like a Lady !!!

Gator you are the man. Or shoud I say Gay da Man !!!

[Edited on 18/6/2003 by BillyCarpenter1]

billybignuts 06-18-2003 09:39 AM

Billy and B&B leave for Canada
Dude, that is disgusting. Those homos probably put some secret sauce on your burger. Atlanta is screwed up place. Although the Gold club up in Buckhead had some very good sites.

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