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BillyCarpenter1 06-18-2003 10:51 AM

Most important for a QB ??
What do you consider the most important areas for a quarterback? If I were going to have my dream QB, this is what I would be looking for in order of importance.

1. Accuracy.
If he can't get the ball on target, what's the use.

2. Stong arm.
Remember Steve Walsh???? Enough said.

3. Leadership.

You can have General Patton but if he doesn't have the two qualities I mentioned above FORGET ABOUT IT !! And contrary to belief, I think you can learn to lead an offense.

4. Intelligence.
While some might put this higher, we're not building a rocket here.

5. Mobility.
With all the zone blitzes and rush packages, I don't want my Qb to be a sitting duck. When the play breaks down I'd like someone who can make something happen.

6. Competitor.
Never quit, never say die.

7. Tough.
Unless a bone is showing, wants to play.

8. Endzone Dance.
For once I'd like to see a white Qb that had some moves.

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ScottyRo 06-18-2003 11:42 AM

Most important for a QB ??
1. Accuracy
2. Arm Strength
The two most important factors for an NFL QB to be successful.

3. Intelligence
Add this to the first 2, and you have an above average QB.

4. Leadership
5. Competitiveness
Add in these two and you have a QB that can make a bad team good and a good team great.

6. Toughness
A good compliment to 4 & 5, and probably required for the QB to make a full season.

7. Mobility
Not required, but it can help make up for a lack of #6 or even be a partial substitute for Arm Strength and Accuracy.

8. End Zone Dance

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