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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Even if Jeff Samardzija was shooting for the NFL, I wouldn't be comfortable with him as a prospect. and the Fighting Irish are my team. He has all the physical traits and 'skills'. But I got the impression, especially this ...

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Even if Jeff Samardzija was shooting for the NFL, I wouldn't be comfortable with him as a prospect. and the Fighting Irish are my team. He has all the physical traits and 'skills'. But I got the impression, especially this last year, he didn't have drive. He caught the necessary clutch catches. He was statistically productive. But I got a feeling he only played football just for his athletic portfolio and to hang out with his bud Brady. And it is no surprise to me that he chose baseball over football. He has the talent but no conviction for the long haul.

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I am not worring too much about the draft. I think this coaching staff and management will make the right choice. We may not agree with it. But how many of us were scratching our heads when Colston took Stallworths slot?
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Originally Posted by biloxi-indian
Originally Posted by gandhi1007
1st thing we have to do is cut Fred Thomas......and fast!!!! There are two shut down corners that will be free agents......Nate Clements (my personal favorite) & Asante Samuel. We should do the same thing we did last year to get Drew Brees to get one of these two CB's. That by itself would cure alot of ills. If you look back at every one of our losses this year, it all boils down to turnovers & Fred Thomas getting burnt over & over again.
Why not try and get BOTH?
We can't keep putting that much money into one position like we have with our RB situation. Yes we need another CB, Fred Thomas was exposed in the playoffs, but McKenzie had a solid season and played very well in the playoffs. I only remember one or two catches on him last night.

Here is what I am thinking...

I believe we need to go after a veteran CB to play the #1 CB position, and then move MM to the other. That'd be one heckuva combo. I think our first draft pick should be on a young LB or DT. A lot of what we do is going to depend on the offseason moves we make before the draft. If we re-sign Hollis Thomas, DT isn't such a pressing need. Personally I would like to see us re-sign Thomas, and then draft a young MLB in the first round. This of course will depend on our ability to get a top-flight CB in free agency. Look at the CBs in this draft, and it's not too promising. Leon Hall is the top guy, but he'll be long gone by the time we are picking. Daymeion Hughes out of Cal is a good player, but is more of a physical CB and he doesn't have elite speed. Some worry about his ability to be an every down corner, thus relegating him to nickel and dime packages (which isn't what we're looking for). Marcus McCauley out of Fresno State is a popular choice in some mock drafts I've seen because he has 4.3 speed, but the guy was so bad (against WAC competition) this past season that he actually got benched by his coach. That's a pretty big red flag IMO. Darrelle Revis might be a good choice, I don't honestly know enough about him yet. The rest of the CBs probably aren't worth a first round pick. Because of that, I think we need to draft the best defensive player available, hopefully at LB or DT. Although the LB class isn't too good, there are some good players that should go in the first round: Lawrence Timmons (will be gone by our pick), Posulszny (probably gone), Patrick Willis, and Buster Davis. Davis and Timmons were two of the biggest reasons FSU had one of the best defenses in the count

Anyways, so that's what I am thinking right now... make our biggest offseason addition a CB, and then draft a young stud for the middle of that defense. Of course, getting a big CB is easier said than done. Despite one year of success, I'm not sure how players feel about this franchise.

A final note, to anyone who thinks we should get Landry... he'll be a top 10 pick, stop dreaming.
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hagan where did you get that list? can ya post a link to it or something.. id like to look at it
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Asante Samuel put on a clinic Sunday night. Covering Marvin Harrison nonetheless. I could see him getting a huge contract. If the Saints can't get him at a reasonable price, I hope that they get someone that can play like him.

I'd like to see what the Saints could do with a talented TE who is big and physical and can catch, like Witten or Heap). And is it too early to think about grooming a young QB to learn under Brees?
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Sorry about no link gang and pak. the site is still working prospect profiles so there are some big gaps in the bio. pretty standard at this time of year.
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Originally Posted by hagan714
not sure what we wil do in the first round of the draft. CB, OT,LB seems to be what we will have to choice from. Heck trade it and move to the top of the second and go TE, Zach Miller or such and have faith in shawn to pull a few rabbits out this draft like he did last year.
But after the game I am looking at k mason crosby in the second also. he should be there at the bottom of the second.
have faith indeed........
one thing we don't need is a coach trading everything to get that special bust we can right off in a few yrs...........
oh wait, we don't have that coach anymore.........whew..........
i'm kinda spoiled on last years picks......
anything close would be stellar to me..........
we have the youth movement in place, and it should get younger with adding a few.......
i never really knew how it felt to draft a first pick and have it feel like it's a second pick, but that will change now....
whoever is responsible, continue to bring these gems in.....
now, how long does donte have to sign before we lose that 3rd, because if someone offers him a sheet load full of money (and it could happen with the year he had) we could lose out there.......
other than that i believe it's time to sign grant and joe if that's what they are looking for in as much as leaders on the field........smitty
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Going after Adalius Thomas and Clements, and resigning Grant should be the top priorities during the FA period. Thomas can play all three lb spots, and would give the Saints the big time playmaker they lack in the middle of the defense.
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Clements hasn't proved anything consistently to anyone yet. I go Samuel immediately!
Draft Alexander for that MLB position, Justin Harrell will be availbale in the 2nd(darn great player). That heals alot of the defensive problems right there, the best CB left for us would be Fred Bennett who is huge, physical, and a speedster, love em
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The thing I would worry about with Samuel is that he's been playing under Belichick who could get a chair to play better than Roy Williams. He's turned a bunch of nobodies and late round picks into a very good secondary. I would be cautious of pulling one of those guys out of New England and hoping they'll be as good. Just what I'm thinkin...
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