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I Made The Saints Lose Because...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I talked a lot of smack on various message boards after Reggie's touchdown....

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I talked a lot of smack on various message boards after Reggie's touchdown.
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I put grease on the players' hands and made them fumble... my bad.
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Guilty..I was checking out Championship hats and shirts Oh well..Still love them boys..
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Originally Posted by papz
I watched the game. When I left outside after the first quarter and a half, the Saints scored a touchdown. When I skipped the third quarter, Bush scored. As I returned for the 4th, they lost.

Oh yea and I didn't go to church either.
Funny you should mention this.... every time I went to church they lost and every time I skipped ...they won....

I went to church yesterday like a dumbass.

Oh, and my wife watched the game with me = loss.
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(I'm gonna pretend I'm Jay Mariotti)

"Because I actually picked them to win for the very first time when I knew that deep in my heart...."
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I didn't play "The Saints are coming" loud enough to wake my neighbours like I have been doing all season.
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My wife took the kids and went to her friends house. It was just me and the TV. Then, when they came back home, my 13 yr old daughter had on one of my Saints jerseys..........sorry folks, I didn't even see her when they left or I'd have stopped it.
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My youngest daughter is at College in Georgia, she always wears her Saints long sleeve shirt every game. Sunday came and her Coach called a last minute Track practice. She ran out the door without her shirt, and I was glued to the TV wondering what the heck was wrong. RB
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i put on my saints jersey before the start of the game... then proceded to watch the first half of the game on my cousins TV when the bears were up 16-0, switched over to my TV for the saints first TD drive and start of the 2nd half, then back to my cousins TV for the 4th quarter when the bears blew it open

we had 2 TVs in the living room for those of you who dont understand
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...I was listening to just about EVERYONE talk about picking the Saints to win on all the sports talk shows. I started to feel good that so many people believed in us. Should've known that we were destined for failure.

When no one believes is when we're at our best!
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