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saintfan 09-10-2002 12:45 PM

Explanantion Required...
Can someone explain to me how ESPN, the "so called experts", can have the Saints ranked 13th? I'm not so confused by the overall ranking as I am the fact that 3 teams 0-1 are ranked higher...the Rams I can understand, but the Eagles and Steelers? The Eagles blew it big time on Sunday, the Steelers got their lunch handed to 'em last night, and the Patriots aren't exactly the Rams on offense. Ya know, we beat a pretty dang good defense on Sunday! :mad: They're obviously smokin the good crack over there at the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network...

whodatsaintsfan26 09-10-2002 06:08 PM

Explanantion Required...
Once again if the Saints had put Tampa Bay away like they should have you would have seen them ranked higher. Since they played around with them they didnt get as much attention. If they had gone into Tampa and blasted them like they started to they would have shot up the charts.

subguy 09-12-2002 08:34 AM

Explanantion Required...
I agree with the above statement. Also, as tough as it is to think of it, the Pats are Super Bowl champs, maybe it wasn\'t a farce after all. Honestly, do you think that is what the Steelers are going to look like all season? Now the Eagles, I may have some issue with.
We literally let Tampa Bay off of the canvas, we must have a Great White Shark mentality.

whodatsaintsfan26 09-12-2002 10:39 PM

Explanantion Required...
With these next two games should also move us up the charts. The Packers and Bears im sure are above us in the rankings. If they win one or both watch out. If they lose one they were supposed to so they shouldnt drop to much. I think the Saints are one of the most offensivly talented teams in the league if Brooks holds up all year and plays better than he has( exception last week) then I think they can score with anybody. Defensivly I was impressed. I cant remember a time I have ever seen the defensive speed that is there now. Charles Grant had a few pressures and showed off some nice speed. I think the Saints will move up most power ratings very quickly

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