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Complete List of Offensive FA

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 2007 NFL Free Agents Quarterback Player Type 2006Team Collins, Kerry UFA Titans Garcia, Jeff UFA Eagles Gray, Quinn RFA Jaguars Huard, Damon UFA Chiefs Johnson, Doug UFA Bengals Lemon, Cleo RFA Dolphins Navarre, John RFA Cardinals Rattay, Tim UFA Buccaneers ...

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Complete List of Offensive FA

2007 NFL Free Agents

Player Type 2006Team
Collins, Kerry UFA Titans
Garcia, Jeff UFA Eagles
Gray, Quinn RFA Jaguars
Huard, Damon UFA Chiefs
Johnson, Doug UFA Bengals
Lemon, Cleo RFA Dolphins
Navarre, John RFA Cardinals
Rattay, Tim UFA Buccaneers
Schaub, Matt RFA Falcons
Simms, Chris UFA Buccaneers
Sorgi, Jim RFA Colts
Tuiasosopo, Marques UFA Raiders
Wright, Anthony UFA Bengals

Running Back

Brown, Chris UFA Titans
Brown, Dee UFA Chiefs
Buckhalter, Correll UFA Eagles
Cason, Aveion UFA Lions
Davenport, Najeh UFA Steelers
Davis, Stephen UFA Rams
Dayne, Ron UFA Texans
Echemandu, Adimchinobe RFA Raiders
Eckel, Kyle ERFA Dolphins
Fisher, Tony UFA Rams
Gado, Samkon ERFA Texans
Green, Ahman UFA Packers
Green, DeJuan ERFA Raiders
Harris, Arlen UFA Lions
Harris, Kay-Jay ERFA Rams
Herron, Noah ERFA Packers
Hicks, Maurice RFA 49ers
Lee, ReShard RFA Raiders
Mahe, Reno UFA Eagles
McIntyre, Corey ERFA Saints
Minor, Travis UFA Dolphins
Morris, Sammy UFA Dolphins
Mungro, James UFA Colts
Perry, Chris RFA Bengals
Pinner, Artose RFA Vikings
Rhodes, Dominic UFA Colts
Robinson, Roger ERFA Cardinals
Ross, Cory ERFA Ravens
Scobey, Josh UFA Seahawks
Shipp, Marcel UFA Cardinals
Smith, Musa UFA Ravens
Thomas, Anthony UFA Bills
Toefield , LaBrandon UFA Jaguars
Turner, Michael RFA Chargers
Wallace, Butchie ERFA Falcons
Ward, Derrick RFA Giants
Watson, Kenny UFA Bengals
Whitehead, Terrence ERFA Bengals
Williams, Shaud RFA Bills

Wide Reciever

Anderson, David ERFA Texans
Bennett, Drew UFA Titans
Brown, Troy UFA Patriots
Camarillo, Greg ERFA Chargers
Copper, Terrance RFA Saints
Crayton, Patrick RFA Cowboys
Curtis, Kevin UFA Rams
Darling, Devard RFA Ravens
Davis, Andre UFA Bills
Ellis, Devale ERFA Lions
Engram, Russell UFA Seahawks
Floyd, Malcom ERFA Chargers
Furrey, Mike UFA Lions
Gage, Justin UFA Bears
Gilmore, Bryan UFA 49ers
Hackett, D.J. ERFA Seahawks
Hankton, Cortez UFA Jaguars
Holiday, Carlyle ERFA Cardinals
Johnson, Bethel UFA Vikings
Kasper, Kevin UFA Lions
Lewis, Derrick ERFA Texans
Lewis, Michael UFA Saints
McDonald, Shaun UFA Rams
McMullen, Billy UFA Vikings
Moore, Clarence RFA Ravens
Moorehead, Aaron UFA Colts
Moulds, Eric UFA Texans
Northcutt, Dennis UFA Browns
Parker, Samie RFA Chiefs
Sharon, Charles ERFA Jaguars
Shelton, Matt ERFA Patriots
Taylor, Travis UFA Vikings
Wade, Bobby UFA Titans
Walter, Kevin UFA Texans
Walters, Troy UFA Cardinals
Washington, Kelley UFA Bengals
Welker, Wes RFA Dolphins
White, Roddy ERFA Falcons
Whitted, Alvis UFA Raiders
Wilford, Ernest RFA Jaguars
Wilkins, Terrence UFA Colts

Tight End

Adkisson, James ERFA Raiders
Bergen, Adam ERFA Cardinals
Blakley, Dwayne RFA Falcons
Brady, Kyle UFA Jaguars
Bruener, Mark UFA Texans
Cramer, Casey RFA Titans
Dugan, Jeff RFA Vikings
Estandia, Greg ERFA Jaguars
Gammon, Kendall UFA Chiefs
Graham, Daniel UFA Patriots
Hartsock, Ben RFA Titans
Heller, Will UFA Seahawks
Humphrey, Tory ERFA Packers
Johnson, Eric UFA 49ers
Jones, Brian RFA Jaguars
Kelly, Reggie UFA Bengals
Krause, Ryan RFA Chargers
Lee, Donald UFA Packers
Martin, David UFA Packers
McHugh, Sean ERFA Lions
Miller, Billy UFA Saints
Moore, Dave UFA Buccaneers
Pierce, Brett RFA Cowboys
Reid, Gabe UFA Bears
Ryan, Sean RFA Jets
Shiancoe, Visanthe UFA Giants
Steele, Ben RFA Texans
Stewart, Tony UFA Bengals
Utecht, Ben RFA Colts
Wakefield, Fred UFA Cardinals
Walker, Aaron RFA Rams
Yoder, Todd UFA Redskins

Offensive Tackle

Bedell, Brad UFA Texans
Black, Jordan UFA Chiefs
Bridges, Jeremy UFA Panthers
Britt, Wesley ERFA Patriots
Brooks, Barrett UFA Steelers
Clement, Anthony UFA Jets
Colombo, Marc UFA Cowboys
Davis, Leonard UFA Cardinals
Fordham, Todd UFA Panthers
Gibbons, Ryan ERFA Jaguars
Hunter, Wayne UFA Jaguars
Kooistra, Scott UFA Bengals
Lekkerkerker, Cory ERFA Chargers
Locklear, Sean RFA Seahawks
McCoy, Pat ERFA Eagles
McIntosh, Damion UFA Dolphins
Molinaro, Jim ERFA Redskins
Pashos, Tony UFA Ravens
Saipaia, Blaine RFA Lions
Salaam, Ephraim UFA Texans
Sampson, Kevin RFA Chiefs
Slaughter, Chad UFA Raiders
Starks, Max RFA Steelers
Stinchcomb, Jon RFA Saints
Thomas, William UFA Eagles

Offensive Guard

Andrews, Stacy RFA Bengals
Bell, Jacob RFA Titans
Berger, Joe ERFA Dolphins
Brown, Jason ERFA Ravens
Brown, Ruben UFA Bears
Cantu, Rolando ERFA Cardinals
Carlisle, Cooper UFA Broncos
Claxton, Ben ERFA Falcons
DeMulling, Rick UFA Lions
Diehl, David UFA Giants
Dielman, Kris UFA Chargers
Dockery, Derrick UFA Redskins
Fonoti, Toniu UFA Dolphins
Goldberg, Adam RFA Rams
Gray, Chris UFA Seahawks
Green, Cornell UFA Buccaneers
Herrera, Anthony RFA Vikings
Holland, Montrae UFA Saints
Hopson, Tyrone UFA Lions
Hulsey, Corey UFA Raiders
Jackson, Scott ERFA Texans
Jordan, Leander UFA Chargers
Kelly, Lewis UFA Giants
Lilja, Ryan RFA Colts
Liwienski, Chris UFA Cardinals
Mahan, Sean UFA Buccaneers
Manuwai, Vince UFA Jaguars
Mayberry, Jermane UFA Saints
Ndukwe, Ikechuku ERFA Ravens
Peters, Scott RFA Panthers
Procter, Cory ERFA Cowboys
Rimpf, Brian RFA Ravens
Ruegamer, Grey UFA Giants
Scott, Jake RFA Colts
Steinbach, Eric UFA Bengals
Steussie, Todd UFA Rams
Terry, Jeb RFA Buccaneers
Whittle, Jason UFA Vikings
Womack, Floyd UFA Seahawks
Wragge, Tony ERFA 49ers
Yates, Billy RFA Patriots


Amano, Eugene RFA Titans
Braham, Rich UFA Bengals
Geisinger, Justin ERFA Titans
Gurode, Andre UFA Cowboys
Izzo, Larry UFA Patriots
Jacox, Kendyl UFA Dolphins
Johnson, Al RFA Cowboys
King, Austin UFA Falcons
Leckey, Nick RFA Cardinals
O'Hara, Shaun UFA Giants
Samp, Chris ERFA Panthers
Stepanovich, Alex RFA Cardinals
Tobeck, Robbie UFA Seahawks
Turner, Larry RFA Rams
Withrow, Cory UFA Ch


key dates
January 22 - 27
Senior Bowl Week
February 21 - 27
NFL Combine
February 22
Deadline for designation of Franchise and Transition players
March 2
Free Agency period begins
April 28 - 29
NFL Draft

Some have signed but this is the best list I could find. Happy shopping
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RE: Complete List of Offensive FA

michael lewis signed a three yaer contract in the offseason, but i have seen his name on 2 free agent reports this upcoming session. not sure why
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RE: Complete List of Offensive FA

tim rattay doesnt look bad as a back up for brees.
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RE: Complete List of Offensive FA

Any thoughts on our O-line personnel? Other than TE, WR, and backup QB, that's my only concern for the offense this off season.
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RE: Complete List of Offensive FA

ROT Max Starks RFA Pittsburgh Steelers - 6-8 370 25
despite damaged meniscus cartilage in his right knee, missing the last two games. He would be nice. only hope is the money game for the steelers. but do not hold your breath. pitt will do all it can to hold on to him. Third rounder 2004

LOT Leonard Davis UFA Arizona Cardinals = 6-6 360
Second pick behind Vick in 2001. made 9.6 last year and has yet to make the probowl. The team could have alot do with it. they were and are a mess.

LOT Mike Gandy, UFA, Buffalo Bills 6-4 310 28
finished the year playing LG, his natural postion. third round 2001. He is a nice option at Gaurd

LG Eric Steinbach UFA Cincinnati Bengals 6-6 290 27
Puzzle player in that some view him as a T more than a gaurd. He is a troubled one too of bengal fame. BUI...boating under the influence. lol pretty lame considering the rest of the team,

LOT Jordan Black, UFA, Kansas City Chiefs - 6-5 310 26
He was the guy who filled in for Roaf when he went down last year.

LOG Derrick Dockery, UFA, Washington Redskins 6-6, 335 26
Now this is a key piece to the redskins line, i doubt they will let him go. but cap is always an issue there. wieght was an issue.

LOT Nat Dorsey, RFA, Cleveland Browns 6-7 335 26
Has never developed into a starter.

OG Chris Gray, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
14 year starer what more do you have to say

C Norm Katnik, RFA, New York Jets - 6-4 280 25
signed to viking PS and Started 2 games. USC

G Ryan Lilja, RFA Indianapolis Colts - 6-2 290 25
Good blocker but a bit small, Zone blocker

OT Sean Locklear, RFA, Seattle Seahawks 6-2 290 25
Has been a starter now for almost two full seasons, and offensive line continuity is critical to a team that didn't have it in 2006. Expected to be tendered.

OG Roman Oben, UFA, San Diego Chargers 6-2 290 25
count him out IMO. chargers traded for him. yet they have dragged thier feet in contract talks

OG Brian Rimpf
, RFA, Baltimore Ravens 6-5 219 25
on IR with hamstring. But is promising

OG Todd Steussie, UFA, St. Louis Rams 6-6 336 36
Another proven Vet

OT Floyd Womack
, UFA, Seattle Seahawks 6-6 310 36
Who knows floyd was replaced by Rob Simms who played so well he could have won a starters jub on the line. could pork be a cap cut? I doubt it

OG Kris Dielman, UFA, San Diego 6-4 310 25
Talks broke down so he might be out. He would be a nice replacement

OT Damion McIntosh, UFA, Miami Dolphins 6-4 320 29
Dolphins unsuccessfully tried to replace McIntosh last season with free-agent pickup L.J. Shelton. He played at min salary and incentives. he will not do that again

those are the ones that jump out at me and a few sites I have visited.
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