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Complete List of Defensive FA

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 2007 NFL Defensive End Free Agents Player Type 2006Team Allen, Jared RFA Chiefs Awasom, Adrian ERFA Giants Bailey, Rodney UFA Steelers Ball, Dave RFA Jets Bowen, Stephen ERFA Cowboys Bowens, David UFA Dolphins Bryant, Tony UFA Rams Coleman, Kenyon UFA ...

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Complete List of Defensive FA

2007 NFL Defensive End Free Agents

Player Type 2006Team
Allen, Jared RFA Chiefs
Awasom, Adrian ERFA Giants
Bailey, Rodney UFA Steelers
Ball, Dave RFA Jets
Bowen, Stephen ERFA Cowboys
Bowens, David UFA Dolphins
Bryant, Tony UFA Rams
Coleman, Kenyon UFA Cowboys
Cooper, Chris UFA Cardinals
Davis, Jim ERFA Jaguars
Gbaja-Biamila, Kabeer UFA Packers
Geathers, Robert RFA Bengals
Grant, Charles UFA Saints
Green, Brandon RFA Rams
Hargrove, Anthony RFA Bills
Huntley, Kevin ERFA Raiders
Johnson, Jarret UFA Ravens
Kalu, N.D. UFA Texans
Kelsay, Chris UFA Bills
Little, Leonard UFA Rams
Malone, Alfred ERFA Texans
McCray, Bobby RFA Jaguars
Patterson, Elton RFA Jaguars
Peek, Antwan UFA Texans
Pettway, Kenneth ERFA Jaguars
Rasmussen, Kemp UFA Seahawks
Ratliff, Jeremiah ERFA Cowboys
Redding, Cory UFA Lions
Robinson, Derreck ERFA Chargers
Schobel, Bo RFA Colts
Scott, Darrion RFA Vikings
Smith, Antonio RFA Cardinals
Smith, Justin UFA Bengals
Tafoya, Joe UFA Seahawks
Thomas, Bryan UFA Jets
Thomas, Josh RFA Colts
Thomas, Juqua UFA Eagles
Verdon, Jimmy ERFA Saints
White, Dewayne UFA Buccaneers
Wiley, Marcellus UFA Jaguars
Wyche, James ERFA Jaguars

Defensive Tackle

Allen, Kenderick UFA Packers
Anderson, Tim RFA Bills
Bingham, Ryon RFA Chargers
Boone, Alfonso UFA Bears
Boschetti, Ryan ERFA Redskins
Brown, Tony ERFA Titans
Cole, Colin ERFA Packers
Coleman, Rod UFA Falcons
Dalton, Lional UFA Texans
Edwards, Ron UFA Chiefs
Fisk, Jason UFA Rams
Franklin, Aubrayo RFA Ravens
Hawthorne, Anttaj ERFA Raiders
Holliday, Vonnie UFA Dolphins
Jackson, T.J. ERFA Falcons
Jenkins, Cullen RFA Packers
Johnson, Spencer RFA Vikings
Johnson, Tank RFA Bears
Kelly, Tommy RFA Raiders
Klecko, Dan UFA Colts
Kolodziej, Ross UFA Vikings
Lake, Antwan UFA Saints
Leisle, Rodney RFA Saints
Lewis, Jonathan ERFA Cardinals
Long, Rien UFA Titans
Maddox, Anthony RFA Texans
Manupuna, Vaka ERFA Redskins
Pinkney, Cleveland RFA Lions
Quarshie, Michael ERFA Raiders
Reed, James UFA Chiefs
Sands, Terdell UFA Raiders
Scott, Ian UFA Bears
Smith, Robaire UFA Titans
Smith, Shaun RFA Bengals
Stanley, Montavious ERFA Jaguars
Starks, Randy RFA Titans
Terrill, Craig RFA Seahawks
Thomas, Hollis UFA Saints
Traylor, Keith UFA Dolphins
Vickerson, Kevin ERFA Dolphins
Williams, Tony UFA Jaguars
Zgonina, Jeff UFA Dolphins


Adams, Keith UFA Dolphins
Alexander, Eric ERFA Patriots
Allen, James UFA Saints
Anderson, Charlie RFA Texans
Archer, Phil ERFA Chargers
Bailey, Boss UFA Lions
Banta-Cain, Tully UFA Patriots
Barber, Shawn UFA Eagles
Beisel, Monty UFA Cardinals
Blackburn, Chase ERFA Giants
Bockwoldt, Colby RFA Titans
Boiman, Rocky UFA Colts
Briggs, Lance UFA Bears
Brown, Chad UFA Steelers
Chillar, Brandon RFA Rams
Claiborne, Chris UFA Giants
Clark, Danny UFA Saints
Cody, Dan ERFA Ravens
Cordova, Jorge RFA Jaguars
Curry, Donté UFA Lions
Darling, James UFA Cardinals
Davis, Don UFA Patriots
Davis, Rod RFA Vikings
Ekejiuba , Isaiah ERFA Raiders
Evans, Troy UFA Texans
Farwell, Heath ERFA Vikings
Fletcher-Baker, London UFA Bills
Fowler, Ryan RFA Cowboys
Gardner, Barry UFA Patriots
Gardner, Gilbert RFA Colts
Gilbert, Tony UFA Jaguars
Glenn, Jason UFA Vikings
Glymph, Junior RFA Cowboys
Godfrey, Randall UFA Chargers
Griffin, Kris ERFA Chiefs
Harris, Marques ERFA Chargers
Harrison, Arnold ERFA Steelers
Henderson, E.J. UFA Vikings
Holdman, Warrick UFA Redskins
Huff, Orlando UFA Cardinals
Irons, Grant UFA Raiders
Johnson, Landon RFA Bengals
June, Cato UFA Colts
Kacyvenski, Isaiah UFA Rams
Keiaho, Freddy ERFA Colts
Koutouvides, Niko RFA Seahawks
Lewis, Alex RFA Lions
Lewis, D.D. UFA Seahawks
Mallard, Wesly UFA Buccaneers
Mays, Corey ERFA Patriots
Melton, Terrence RFA Saints
Miller, Caleb RFA Bengals
Mitchell, Kawika UFA Chiefs
Morris, Rob UFA Colts
Nande, Terna ERFA Titans
Newman, Keith UFA Dolphins
Orr, Shantee UFA Texans
Phillips, Shaun RFA Chargers
Polk, Carlos UFA Chargers
Polk, DaShon UFA Texans
Polley, Tommy UFA Saints
Posey, Jeff UFA Redskins
Rainer, Wali UFA Texans
Reynolds, Robert RFA Titans
Riddle, Ryan ERFA Jets
Scanlon, Rich RFA Chiefs
Seau, Junior UFA Patriots
Shanle, Scott UFA Saints
Short, Brandon UFA Giants
Short, Jason RFA Eagles
Singleton, Al UFA Cowboys
Sirmon, Peter UFA Titans
Slaughter, T.J. UFA 49ers
Smith, Mike ERFA Ravens
Smith, Raonall UFA Rams
Smith, Tyson ERFA Giants
Spencer, Cody RFA Jets
Spragan, Donnie UFA Dolphins
Stanley, Ronald ERFA Steelers
Taylor, Ben UFA Packers
Thomas, Adalius UFA Ravens
Thomas, Pat ERFA Jaguars
Thomas, Robert UFA Raiders
Torbor, Reggie RFA Giants
Unck, Mason RFA Browns
White, Tracy UFA Packers
Wilhelm, Matt RFA Chargers
Wilkins, Marcus UFA Bengals
Williams, Demorrio RFA Falcons
Wilson, Rod ERFA Bears


Adams, Blue RFA Buccaneers
Bauman, Rashad UFA Bengals
Brooks, Greg RFA Bengals
Buchanon, Phillip UFA Buccaneers
Carroll, Ahmad RFA Jaguars
Cash, Chris UFA Falcons
Clements, Nate UFA Bills
Cox, Torrie UFA Buccaneers
Deloatch, Curtis RFA Saints
Fisher, Travis UFA Rams
Fletcher, Jamar UFA Lions
Gay, Randall RFA Patriots
Greer, Jabari RFA Bills
Groce, DeJuan UFA Saints
Hood, Roderick UFA Eagles
Hunter, Will ERFA Vikings
Jackson, Eddie RFA Dolphins
James, Tory UFA Bengals
James, William UFA Eagles
Jimoh, Ade UFA Redskins
Jones, Nathan RFA Cowboys
Lehan, Michael UFA Dolphins
Macklin, David UFA Cardinals
Manning, Jr., Ricky UFA Bears
McCleon, Dexter UFA Texans
McKenzie, Chris ERFA Texans
Oglesby, Evan ERFA Ravens
Poteat, Hank UFA Jets
Prude, Ronnie ERFA Ravens
Reeves, Jacques RFA Cowboys
Samuel, Asante UFA Patriots
Sanders, Lewis UFA Texans
Sapp, Benny RFA Chiefs
Smith, Keith RFA Lions
Starks, Duane UFA Raiders
Tate, Robert UFA Cardinals
Thomas, Kiwaukee UFA Bills
Walker, Frank UFA Giants
Walls, Lenny UFA Chiefs
Webb, Dee ERFA Jaguars
Williams, Gemara ERFA Patriots
Williams, Jimmy UFA Seahawks
Wright, Kenny UFA Redskins

Adams, Mike RFA 49ers
Babineaux, Jordan RFA Seahawks
Baker, Rashad RFA Patriots
Baker, Rashad RFA Vikings
Bell, Yeremiah RFA Dolphins
Bellamy, Jay UFA Saints
Brewer, Jack UFA Cardinals
Brown, C.C. ERFA Texans
Carpenter, Dwaine UFA Rams
Carter, Tyrone UFA Steelers
Celestin, Oliver RFA Seahawks
Coleman, Marcus UFA Cowboys
Earl, Glenn RFA Texans
Elam, Abram ERFA Cowboys
Francisco, Aaron ERFA Cardinals
Fudge, Jamaal ERFA Jaguars
Gibson, Derrick UFA Raiders
Grant, Deon UFA Jaguars
Griffith, Robert UFA Cardinals
Hamlin, Ken UFA Seahawks
Holt, Terrence UFA Lions
Johnson, Todd RFA Bears
Kaesviharn, Kevin UFA Bengals
Lewis, Keith UFA 49ers
Lewis, Michael UFA Eagles
Logan, Mike UFA Steelers
Mikell, Quintin UFA Eagles
Milligan, Hanik UFA Cardinals
Mitchell, Anthony UFA Bengals
Newton, Cam ERFA Falcons
Nickey, Donnie UFA Titans
Parrish, Tony UFA 49ers
Pearson, Kalvin ERFA Buccaneers
Reed, J.R. RFA Rams
Roman, Mark UFA 49ers
Schulters, Lance UFA Falcons
Stoutmire, Omar UFA Saints
Tillman, Travares UFA Dolphins
Williams, Chad UFA 49ers
Williams, Tank UFA Vikings
Wilson, Gibril RFA Giants
Wire, Coy UFA Bills
Worrell, Cameron RFA Bears


Andersen, Morten UFA Falcons
Brown, Josh UFA Seahawks
Feely, Jay UFA Giants
Lindell, Rian UFA Bills
Scobee, Josh RFA Jaguars
Stover, Matt UFA Ravens
Tynes, Lawrence RFA Chiefs


Bidwell, Josh UFA Buccaneers
Feagles, Jeff UFA Giants
Frost, Derrick ERFA Redskins
Jones, Donnie RFA Dolphins
Kluwe, Chris ERFA Vikings
Koenen, Michael ERFA Falcons
Larson, Kyle RFA Bengals
Lee, Andy RFA 49ers
McBriar, Mat RFA Cowboys
Ryan, Jon ERFA Packers
Stanley, Chad UFA Texans
Turk, Matt UFA Rams


disclaimer- I know some have been signed but this is the most complete list I could find.
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I for one would like to see us make a run at Adalius Thomas for LB, Assante Samuel for corner, and maybe Robaire Smith at DT. It just doesn't seem like there is a real good market for DT's. Just my 2 cents.
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I hope we get atleast one big name either CB or LB. Of course both would be nice, but one out of two wouldn't be bad. If I had to pick which we need most, obviously a big name CB would help the most.
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I know there are going to be some players who get cut for cap reasons, but judging by that list right there, looks like a weak year for free agency.
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I think our number one priority should be a top-flight cornerback. We obviously need another player to complement MM, and it would also be beneficial because it would allow us to get a young body into the middle of that defense, whether that be a MLB like Patrick Willis (who by the way is a one man wrecking crew), or a DT.
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Originally Posted by kevinn1972
I for one would like to see us make a run at Adalius Thomas for LB, Assante Samuel for corner, and maybe Robaire Smith at DT. It just doesn't seem like there is a real good market for DT's. Just my 2 cents.
Great minds think alike
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Samuel, Asante UFA Patriots
This is the guy
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Samuel no question about it

Take a look at Randy Starks, this guy si a beast, I'd snag em
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Anybody up for a little Morten Andersen? He's probably no better than Carney at this point, but I think it would be cool to see him wearing #7 again.
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I have change my stance on Samuel. It sounds like he will keep the pats hostage for the money after all. Boston Globe had a blurp about him and his feelings about last years contract messes.
Adalius Thomas and a top CB Clemens or Samuel would be soooooooo sweet.
Then through in an OL to boot
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