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pakowitz 01-24-2007 05:00 PM

An announcement to all Members
1st.... i want to say that this year has been a special one for all saints fans, new and old... the way our boys played their hearts out everyweek has been inspiring to this state and region as well as the whole country.. i cant wait for next year

2nd.... everyone around here is generally pumped up for the draft.. mainly b/c we are usually picking at the beginning of the 1st round but this year will be special b/c the saints wont be making their 1st selection until pick 27!!! in any case, we here at like to get you, the members, involved in the draft by having a member mock draft and this year will be no different... beginning march 27th 2007 with the raiders and advancing up until the day before draft day, we will have a poll each day to see who you, the members, would select for the corresponding team that will be picking on that day to give us the Official Members Mock Draft for 2007!!

and finally, i wanted to address the recent problems between members on the forums... personal attacks do not belong on this board... all of us here are saints fans and we all are disappointed that the saints are out of the playoffs and it has been a hot topic and some very heated discussions have been going on but never-the-less if you want to fight about something and degrade other members, go do it on the Ultimate Smack Talk Board, thats what its there for... do NOT do it on this board.. you have been warned

if you havent read the guidelines for posting, you can do so here:[/url]

CheramieIII 02-02-2007 07:42 PM

RE: An announcement to all Members
You da man Pakman. Love those mock drafts!

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