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tweeky 06-20-2003 08:12 AM

Brooks at final practice
I read some other forums posts about how the final practice went. I was encouraged by what I heard about Aaron Brooks.

He threw the ball with pretty good velocity, looked a little rusty but not bad at all. But here's what I'm salivating over...

He took off running on about 1/3 of the passing plays

While skeptics may say its because he couldn't find the 2nd and 3rd read, I find it very very good news.

Other impressions... Sullivan looked FAST, Horn looked rusty but HAPPY, D Lewis caught everything in his direction, Mitchell looked very quick. I can't believe none of the major sites provided updates of how the practice went.

Was anyone else at the practice?

saintfan 06-20-2003 08:56 AM

Brooks at final practice
You can bet tweeky, that the skeptics WILL say he ran because he\'s not smart enough to go through the reads. Funny thing is, when he stays in the pocket, those very same skeptics will ***** cause he didn\'t run. My hope for Brooks is that he\'s aware of the fact that he won\'t be able to make everyone happy. If he figures that out he\'ll be rock solid.

tweeky 06-20-2003 10:14 AM

Brooks at final practice
Also noticed...
Boo Williams got the lions share of TE work and looked good. A lot of the plays involved him, at TE AND WR. (Sloan and Conwell recovering from minor surgey). Sounds like they\'re taking a really good look at him and/or getting AB comfy with going back to the TE position.

Deuce looked like Deuce.
Stinchcomb looked surprisingly good and played well.
Holland looks massive, didn\'t play much
M Lewis looks much improved with his WR skills, good returns too.
Bouman has a frickin\' cannon.
Carter and Ambrose both had picks.
Gravy Jackson a no show. Perhaps his incentives should have included Po-Boys and Fries.

But all this info I accumulated from various fans from other forums that attended the practice, so take it for what its worth.

coastalkid 06-20-2003 11:10 AM

Brooks at final practice
appreciate hearing from someone who was there and seen it. Wish I could go and watch but it would be a long distance trip. Keep us \"out of towners\" posted. Appreciate it!

rusta 06-20-2003 01:45 PM

Brooks at final practice
yeah i like this type of info

i understand it\'s probably slightly slanted but that\'s ok, i would love to go to some practices myself but don\'t think i\'ll be making the trip from DC

kid, did i read right in another thread? you are in philly area? if so i plan on making the skins game and possibly the philly game this year, both towns are nasty and it helps to travel in packs if you\'re a visiting fan, let me know

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