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saintaugie 02-09-2007 08:46 PM

Reggie Bush "finding trouble"...
Is anyone else a little worried about the "trouble" that Bush seems to headline when mentioned in the national media?

Before people start flaming me, I like Reggie Bush (just spent enough money on a jersey with his name on it). I think he is an amazing talent and can't wait to watch him next season seeing how he turned it on in the second half (although I didn't care much for the finger pointing garbage).

What has me slightly concerned is the initial USC allegations that he may or may not have been involved and now we have another USC incident (running back Joe McKnight saying that he heard Bush explain to Pete Carroll the situation that has brought the program under NCAA scrutiny).

If the second allegation is true, it would be an NCAA violation but I will be the first to say that it's not that huge of a deal (he wasn't arrested for DUI, beating his girlfriend, caught with loaded firearms, etc...).

With that being said, I am hopeful that future "incidents" won't develop with his name attached to it. If that happens, you have to wonder eventually how many of them are conspiracies or just the usual microscope that a pro athlete is under.

Anyone else have these concerns?

GoldRush26 02-09-2007 10:35 PM

RE: Reggie Bush "finding trouble"...
As far as his career with the Saints is concerned, I see nothing to worry about at all. If anything all of the college controversy will motivate him more to perform on the field at the NFL level.

spkb25 02-09-2007 11:39 PM

who cares what he did or did not do at usc. who cares at all. i could care less if he was given 5 million while playing there.

faldhamen 02-10-2007 02:52 AM

I do not care at all. R. Bush is great player and that is what it matter for me.

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