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What would you do?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; That is just the way the game is managed now...Horn hasnt been healthy for 2 years. He is 35 years old and his contract situation is not even the same thing as what Colston's is going to be in 2 ...

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That is just the way the game is managed now...Horn hasnt been healthy for 2 years. He is 35 years old and his contract situation is not even the same thing as what Colston's is going to be in 2 years so i dont like that argument. the saints will aproach him to restructure and to be honest, he should do it because he is not going to get big money from anyone so why not stay here and play for a championship? The way our offense is set up, we dont have a true number 1 or number 2 receiver...we just throw it to whoever is open. Henderson will be going into his 4th year, Colston will have a full year of weights and studying the playbook, the Saints will bring in some middle tier WR like a Bobby Wade and they will draft another. Plus Copper will probably be back. The WR's will be fine with or without Joe Horn.

It's all in the reflexes.
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QB-Sign Rohan Davey or Anthony Wright, better to have three QB's than two K's

RB-Sign Samkon Gado. Makes us even more deadly, trade Stecker, and try Branch or trade/relsease

FB-We're set here, I still re-sign Joseph, very nice on ST's

TE-Cut Conwell. Draft Chandler or Hannah. Sign Stevens, Graham, or Johnson, either will do. Release John Owens

WR-Cut Joe Horn, sad but has to be done. Sign Bennett and Wilford. Draft Jacoby Jones in the 4th or 3rd

OL-Try to upgrade over Stinch, if cant, re-sign

DL-Try to re-sign Grant, if wants to much, I go get a youbger just as talented and productive Justin Smith. Cut Leslie, and Whitehead. Re-sign Holis and Lake, and Sign Redding.

LB-Cut Simoneau not Clark. Then look to Draft

CB-Samuel is gone, Clements wants too much. I try at Bly, but not before I go and get Macklin and Hood. Afterwards the Draft in the 3rd round

S-Keepers towards Scott. Everyone kills at the guy, but never notices that when he's healthy he's a beast at S. Great back-up to Bullocks or Harper. Cut Stout, Bellamy, and maybe Gleason, too, he isnt safe. Then the draft is where I look, maybe the 5th or 4th rounds

K-Cut Cundiff and keep Carney until before the season starts. Draft or sign Nick Folk, and let one of the most accurate kickers ever in Carney coach him into greatness, then cut Carney, too

P-Weatherford is good and young, not to mention aware and fast, then cut Berger


1 LB Willis-extremely talented player. Has the atheltic ability to play any LB position on the field. Has the look of Ray Lewis, love him here
Notables:Not gonna say Poz, If Willis is taken, and Timmons drops, this is a hard pick. If both are gone, I go Beason, Davis or Alexander(an underrated Timmons)

2 CB Marcus McCauley-he'll drop to us b/c of his stock is falling due to his practices. Has all the talent to be a starter for us, would be one of the best nickel CB's in the league, rookie or not
Notables:MeBane looks good here as well, if he isn't here we like Ross, Jackson, or Wright

3 DT Ryan McBean-really high on this guy. Praying for him to go to us, exactly what we need at DT. Can stuff the run with no problem and is a nice pass rusher, a good compliment to Starks and Young
Notables:No way he doesn't fall here. He is way underrated and is awesome. Other players would be good here are MeBane and Chandler

3 CB Fred Bennett-love this kid. Has the frame and speed of a WR and can run with almost anyone. Big and solid, and can lay a hit as well, would be really nice in case we can't snab a descent FA CB
Notables:Another player that would be nice here is Jonathan Wade, just has better hands and more speed. Not much experience though, and Josh Wilson

4 TE Clark Harris-amazing kid, and is a reciveing threat. Not as much as a blocker but can get the job done, would start out as back-up and can contibute big on this team.
Notables:maybe WR here, like Higgins, Hill, or Clowney but not yet

4 WR Jacoby Jones-just what Payton loves. The guy's stock is making a sprint upward, wont last like Colston did, definitely like him here. So much of a sleeper, big frame the Matt Jones type
Notables:Marvin White would be great here, but he wont last. Maybe Jarrett Hicks with a good combine or Ryne Robinson, who is a big sleeper

5 DT Antonio Johnson-this guy is a beast. He has the strength and quickness to thrive in the NFL. Teams say he's not all a pass-rusher, I like em in a rotation with Starks, Young, and McBean
Notables:would look for a Safety but so many teams need defensive backs, I like Gattis or Daniels

6 LB Zach Latimer-saw this guy play almost every game and is a beast. All the attention goes to Rufus Alexander but he is a darn solid LB, that wont go early in the draft.
Notables:Michael Okwo is really talented and I think can back-up Fujita better than Fincher. Fincher is better at middle, Okwo has the speed and strength, Nate Harris looks good too

6/7(from ATL) DE Jacob Ford-The guy is very productive. Makes plays when its time to, played for a mild school but still is a very good player, and better than Whitehead.
Notables:Justin Hickman outta UCLA is pretty good as well here in the draft. Another player worth taking is Daren Stone at safety, the guy has talent

Nick Folk-screw all the talk about Mason Crosby let ATL have em. This guy booted a 62 yarder, not that accurate but we could let him work with the coaches and Carney. No more kickoff problems

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Off season moves:

QB. Sign back up QB for sure.. pick up some one that come start if Brees is down or you want to rest him - J. Garcia.

HB. Prepare R. Bush this off season on more striaght running and to find the hole quicker. Keep Duece loose and ready to punch it through the line. Trade stecker and put Branch on the team.

FB. Karney is our man.

TE. Sign Graham if possible or pick up Wiggle (MIN), or Utech (Colts). Stay away from E. Johnson even he is good .. he can not stay healthy.

WR. Reconstruct J. Horn contract and keep him as Saints for the rest of his career. Add D. Bennett he is a great WR.

OL. Resign Stinchcomb. our Unit is solid last year so why change. I would draft OL though for the future.

DT. Resign H. Thomas. Pick up Redding out of Detroit Lions with trade 4th round if possible, if not sign V. Holliday.

DE. Resign Grant, keep Ninkovich in rotation and build up his skills even more.

LB. Pick up P. willis in the draft if possible. Sign Edwards and resign D. Clark.
Draft another OLB in the first day.

CB. Major things needed here. Sign R. Manning Jr. (Chicago) and Hood (Phil. Eagles), Draft CB in the second round or the first round. Cut F. Thomas.

S. Harper & Bullock can be better with time.

K. Carney for one more year unless there is a better kicker out there.

P. Weatherford & Berger.

KR. Resign M. Lewis for one more year and draft speedy WR or CB to start handling KR & PR duties.
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I'm just curious, as to where you guys are getting your draft information from. I can't find anything, that doesn't require me to join some "insiders" club.
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Originally Posted by saintpaul25
I'm just curious, as to where you guys are getting your draft information from. I can't find anything, that doesn't require me to join some "insiders" club.
It is only for those in the know dude. a 5 spot and I will let you in the INSIDERS CLUB, for a minute. No free tours. do you use paypal?
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Asassanate Fred Thomas and everything else will fall into place.
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Review from this thread and few other and the names thrown around

QB - We all say not to important but if a good project is there in the late rounds we should at least consider it.
FA - Rohan Davey, Anthony Wright
Draft - Kevin Kolb, Matt Moore, Jared Zabransky

HB - Stecker is the only one in question here. Branch should probly step in.
FA - Samkon Gado
Draft: Gary Russell

FB - resign Joseph

WR - Horn should restructure or if not get the axe.....
FA: Bennett, Crayton, Curtis, Wilford
Draft: Jacoby Jones, Anthony Gonzalez, Johnnie Lee Higgins, Jarett Hicks

TE - Cut Ernie Conwell, John Owens, re-sign Miller
FA: Johnson, Graham, Cooley, Stevens, Utech
Draft: Chandler, Hannah, Clark Harris, Matt Spaeth, Rodney Hannah

OT - Resign Stinchomb but not that pressing with Strief here
FA: Davis

OG - Cut Holland
FA: Steinbach, Dockery
Draft: Tim Duckworth

DT - Cut Rodney Leslie , Re-sign Thomas, , Lake,
FA: Jenkins, Holliday, Smith, Redding , Ian Scott, Kelsay
Draft: Okoye, Ryan McBean, Antonio Johnson, Jacob Ford, Kareem Brown

DE - Re-sign Grant
Draft: Jay Moore

OLB - Surprisingly every one is some what happy here
FA: Thomas, June
Draft: Juwan Simpson

MLB - Cut Simoneau, Cut Danny Clark/Keep Danny Clark this 50/50
FA Kawika Mitchell , N. Harris, Fletcher, Edwards
Draft: Patrick Willis, Miss.Paul Posluszny, PSU, Buster Davis, FSU, Zach Latimer, Anthony Waters

CB - Cut Fred Thomas, Resign Deloatch
FA: Clements, Smooth, Hood, Bly, Macklin, R. Manning Jr.
Draft: Marcus McCauley, Fred Bennett, Tanard Jackson, Eric Wright,

S - Cut Bellamy and maybe Gleason, Stout

K- Cut cut Berger, Cundiff and a split cut Carney/ keep Carney
FA: best strong legged kicker available
Draft: Nick Folk

KR & PR - Resign M. Lewis

Best qoute award goes to: papz

CB Fred Thomas, Saints - Thomas is as burnable as he is cuttable. The Saints' top offseason priority should be their secondary
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