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ssmitty 02-15-2007 06:32 PM

trivia question...when was the last time.......
a team matched the franchise tag and gave up two firsts?

saintsfan1313 02-15-2007 07:46 PM

RE: trivia question...when was the last time.......
Dallas Cowboys

Seattle picked Koren Robinson with one 1st rounder, then the next year picked Shaun Alexander.......

didnt work out too well for them eh?

saintsfan1313 02-15-2007 07:47 PM

RE: trivia question...when was the last time.......
i think....can someone verify?

hagan714 02-16-2007 12:36 PM

RE: trivia question...when was the last time.......
Panthers cut loose DT Gilbert
March 10, 2003

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Carolina Panthers released defensive tackle Sean Gilbert on Monday.

Gilbert, a 10-year veteran, started 56 games in five seasons with the Panthers, recording 285 tackles with 15 1/2 sacks. He had just 10 tackles in an injury-shortened 2002 season.

Gilbert, 32, broke his right hip during the second half of a 12-9 home loss to Tampa Bay on Oct. 27, and missed the last eight games of the season.

In 2001, Gilbert missed the team's last seven games with a knee injury, finishing both seasons on injured reserve.

Gilbert was the No. 3 pick of the Los Angeles Rams in the 1992 draft. He was a Pro Bowl pick in his second year, becoming the youngest starter (22) in the game's history.

He spent four seasons with the Rams before being traded to the Washington Redskins. He sat out the 1997 season in a contract dispute, and came to Carolina in 1998 as a free agent -- a move that cost the Panthers two first-round draft picks in compensation after the Redskins made Gilbert a franchise player.
That signing never worked out for the Panthers, as Gilbert either was injured or performed indifferently in Carolina.

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hagan714 02-16-2007 01:50 PM

RE: trivia question...when was the last time.......
how it all turned out

DE Sean Gilbert to Carolina (1998) from Washington for a 1-5-99 and a 1-12-00 pick. The 1-5-99 pick went to New Orleans (see next entry) while the 1-12-00 pick was traded to the 49ers, who sent it to the Jets (see 2000: T Chris Samuels and DE Shaun Ellis).
RB Ricky Williams (1-5-99) to New Orleans from Carolina/Washington for eight draft choices, three of which netted Washington LB Nate Stimson (4-107-99), LB LaVar Arrington (1-2-00) and DB Lloyd Harrison (3-64-00). Five of the eight picks were included in other trades made by Washington.
1-12-99 and 3-71-99 picks from New Orleans/Washington to Chicago for DB Champ Bailey (1-7-99). Chicago selected QB Cade McNown and WR D'Wayne Bates.
5-144-99 from New Orleans/Washington, along with a 2-40-99 from Washington, to Chicago for T Jon Jansen (2-37-99). Chicago chose LB Khari Samuel (5-144-99) and traded Washington's 2-40-99 pick to Oakland (see 1999: DE Tony Bryant).
6-179-99 and 7-218-99 picks from New Orleans/Washington to Denver for T Derek Smith (5-165-99). Denver chose TE Desmond Clark (6-179-99) and WR Billy Miller (7-218-99).
DB Champ Bailey (1-7-99) to Washington from Chicago (see 1999: RB Ricky Williams).
QB Cade McNown (1-12-99) to Chicago from New Orleans/Washington (see 1999: RB Ricky Williams)

LB LaVar Arrington to Washington from New Orleans (see 1999: RB Ricky Williams).
T Chris Samuels (1-3-00) to Washington from San Francisco for a Carolina/Washington 1-12-00 pick (see 2000: Shaun Ellis) and DB Ahmed Plummer (1-24-00).
RB Jamal Lewis (1-5-00) to Baltimore from Atlanta for TE Reggie Kelly (2-42-99).
WR Travis Taylor (1-10-00) to Baltimore from Denver for DB Deltha O'Neal (1-15-00) and DB Kenoy Kennedy (2-45-00).
DE Shaun Ellis (1-12-00) to the Jets from Carolina/Washington/San Francisco for LB Julian Peterson (1-16-00) on a pick originally owned by New England and DB Jason Webster (2-48-00). The 1-16-00 pick had been partial compensation to the Jets for coach Bill Belichick (see 2000: coach Bill Belichick).

makes you want to :puke: How this trade turned into the Williams trade and we gave up so much talent

hagan714 02-17-2007 01:16 PM

RE: trivia question...when was the last time.......
smitty is this right??????????????

saintsfan1313 02-17-2007 02:56 PM

RE: trivia question...when was the last time.......
the Cowboys did it in 2000...the one hagan714 posted was in 1998.......Cowboys sign Galloway away from that was the last time........wooh hoo, i win!...heheh

heres the link...

hagan714 02-17-2007 03:20 PM

RE: trivia question...when was the last time.......

saintsfan1313 02-17-2007 03:36 PM

RE: trivia question...when was the last time.......
hahah, do i get a prize? hehe

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