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iceshack149 06-21-2003 11:42 AM
Happy Soltice everone. Up here in Alaska, the sun hasn't set for about three weeks.

On to football.
On, todays poll question asks which NFC South team this year will have the best running game.

So far, the Saints are at 45.5% The Falcons are at 28.0% The Yucks are at 14.4% And the Panthers are at 12.2%

I'll bet you'd get the same response if they asked which team had the best passing game too. And the same response if they asked which team had the best special teams...

tweeky 06-21-2003 11:58 AM
Good points...

If you break it down into units, Id say the most crucial to advance deep in the playoffs are as follows...

1. Run Defense
2. Run Offense
3. Pass defense
4. Special Teams defense
5. Pass Offense
6. Special team Offense

Saints are EXCELLENT at 2,4,5,6
Saints should be GOOD at 1, 3 if free agents live up to hype.
Saints will be AVERAGE to BELOW AVERAGE at 1,3 if free agents flop.

I don\'t feel there are many teams that would rate 4 units as EXCELLENT.
Even if free agents flop I think we\'ll be at least 9-7.
But if we flop this year, it isn\'t the fault of anyone in a Saints uniform...

Hint: They usually wear pullovers and watch from the sidelines.

BillyCarpenter1 06-21-2003 01:33 PM
How can you have pass defense @ # 3 and pass offense @ # 5? The passing game has been what\'s killed teams in the recent past. I agree with your top 3 though.

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