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lumm0x 06-26-2003 04:04 PM

This is pretty funny....
No. 10: "If I would have seen this hand growing out of his back, I may have thought twice about signing him."

No. 10 (tie): "Kordell, I'm just so excited about you coming to Chicago, but what is the deal with the giant neck bumps?"

No. 9: "I dub thee the Sleestack King of Chicago."

No. 8: "We can rebuild him. We can make him bigger, stronger, and faster. Unfortunately, he's still dumb as a brick."

No. 7: Kordell sprouts a third hand to battle fumblitis.

No. 6: "I know my coach is behind me. I'd like to get the whole team behind me too."

No. 5: "Ever been to a Turkish prison, Kordell?"

No. 4: "I would've sworn Brian Griese was white."

No. 3: "I sure hope this is only dandruff."

No. 2: "Gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Charlie Batch."

AND THE WINNER: "Doug Flutie waves to the crowd after being named the Bears starting quarterback."

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