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pakowitz 06-26-2003 05:34 PM

The Latest "Ask Mike"

First off, I need to say how much I appreciate your candid comments about how you see the Saints progress either through the draft or the off season training camps. Sure is good to have an expert looking at OUR team and keeping all of us out-of-staters current with good on target information.

The Saints are a young team. Do you think we will pick up a DT, LB or DB after the June 1st cuts. If so who do you think we should pick up or who do you see available after the cuts? If Grady Jackson doesn't lose 50 or so pounds, I think he will be history. Do you think our current roster of DT's can fill that hole?

Top of the morning to you.... Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions in advance.


FROM: Mike Detillier
TO: The Black Knight
DATE: 5/27/03

Black Knight, I certainly appreciate the kind comments and hope the SaintsReport keeps you updated on the team. This group does a great job getting out as much info as possible. Again thanks for the nice words.

Well, with the trade for OLB. Derrick Rodgers, in my opinion this team needs to still acquire a veteran DT. . You have a rookie in Johnathan Sullivan and Kenny Smith, who has talent, but is inconsistent, so far in his career. Sullivan will eventually turn into a good football player, but he will go through the normal growing pains.

As for as Grady Jackson is concerned, I would have to really think hard about cutting him loose. It's a shame, because Grady is a good player and he could really play a key part in turning this defense around, but he has shown no penchant for keeping his weight down and being a part of this team in the coaching sessions. In this league players are paid very well to keep themselves in the best shape for the regular season and it is obvious he is not doing this. Reports are that he will not be here for the opening days of the off-season workouts.. What does that tell you...

If he loses 50 pounds , they better investigate that weight loss..

I don't see it happening and while when he is healthy and in decent shape, Grady is a good football player, but with his weight so high and he is not at camp working out, I would have to seriously see about getting another DT., and seriously see about cutting him loose.

It is a tough decision to make because veteran and talented DT's are hard to come by, but these are the type problems, you can't let fester around.
Take Care.

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tweeky 06-27-2003 07:40 AM

The Latest "Ask Mike"
Yea I think Grady Jackson may officially be a lost cause. Thats a shame because so many coaches agree that when he\'s down around 330, he\'s an elite player in this league. Imagine what an in-shape Jackson could add to our D-line.

You know, maybe he\'s secretly working out in Mississippi like a madman, with his personal trainer, watching gamefilms and dropping fat left and right. His big plan is to surprise everyone by showing up at training camp July 26 at a svelt 315 lbs looking like the 2nd coming of Warren Sapp, and landing a big fat endorsement contract from Jenny Craig!


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