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BillyCarpenter1 06-28-2003 03:44 PM

Glass Half Empty or Full?
I see a lot of people here beleive that the saints are going to be only average or slightly better this year.

I have a hard time understanding how anyone can have such lowly opionions.

We have the hightest scoring offense in the NFC. We have the best special teams unit in the leauge. That leaves only one unit to correct, which is defense. The defese could be a lot better this year and to beleive any differently is just being negitive.

Aaron Brooks threw as many touchdowns as anyone in the league, and while there might be question marks about him, this could be a break-out year for him.

If your waiting on the Saints to be head and shoulders above the rest of the teams, it just isn't going to happen. There is too much parity in the league today.

Everyone wants to talk about the collapse at the end of last year. That's fine but we also beat the Superbowl champs twice last year. That's right, we beat the #! defense in the league twice.

If anyone finds it hard to be optimistic about the Saints this year, then your going to be a miserable fan for the rest of your life.

So go ahead and look as the glass as being half emty, I see it as running over.

But I'm sure when the Saints start winning this year those fans will jump on the band-wagon??

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WhoDat 06-28-2003 10:05 PM

Glass Half Empty or Full?
Billy... some of us have been Saints fans for a long time.... We know the danger of being overly optimistic. There are a whole lot of question marks on defense. I really think Rodgers was a huge piece of the puzzle. He could be a major stablizer for this D... which could be much better... or it could be much worse.

You fail to realize that while we have seemingly gotten better, EVERY team in the league feels the same way right now. Yes, I will be disappointed if this team isn\'t 10-6 or better... but to start printing up the Super Bowl T-shirts, like you seem to want to do is just crazy.

BillyCarpenter1 06-28-2003 10:13 PM

Glass Half Empty or Full?
I understand that Saints fan have been disappointed many years and I think that has a lot to do with everyones expectations. I prefer not to live in the past. If I\'m wrong this year then it won\'t be the first time.

i respect your opinions and if everyone agreed with me on here it woudn\'t be much to talk about.

The only two things that need to happen this year is the defense needs to improve and Brooks needs to be more consitant. I think the odds of that happening are just as great as it not happening. So, I think your being negitive whether you think your opinion is based on football knowledge and mine is not.

WhoDat 06-28-2003 10:28 PM

Glass Half Empty or Full?
Ah... Look at that... a moderately intelligent reply without mudslinging...

I agree with you. Our two major areas of concern are defense and Brooks\' consistency. Absolutely. I guess I don\'t have a lot of faith in AB... if I\'m wrong I\'ll glad eat all of my words about the man... nor do I have a lot of faith in a defense with at least 4 first year starters, three 30-somethings at corner, and a D-Coordinator by the name of VENTURI.

You\'re right, history cannot predict the future... but it can lend some insight... to me, that says that this team will continue to do what it\'s done for the last 15 years... play up to the studs, play way down to the dogs, and find a way, sometimes against all odds, to fall just short. It\'s hard not to think that way when you\'ve seen it every year for the last 15...

You\'re right though, this team SHOULD be 11-5, 12-4... this team COULD win the NFC South... hell this team COULD win it all... I\'m just not ready to entertain that idea yet. I let those thoughts creep into my mind against all my better judgement at 6-1 last year... that won\'t happen again until round two of the playoffs... the let down is too great when they choke... and in case you haven\'t noticed, they always do.

LordOfEntropy 06-28-2003 10:53 PM

Glass Half Empty or Full?
Spoken like a true long-suffering Saints fan.

I wore a paper bag over my head to the Atlanta away-game last year. Had a bet (with a jerk/friend in Atlanta) who dissed my team all year. The bet was whoever was trailing wears the bag. It seemed to me like another letdown long day, groveling in misery, fighting to get the beer into the slot without spilling all over the place.

The worst part is it\'s not the first time.

I can understand what you\'re saying.

rusta 06-29-2003 10:07 PM

Glass Half Empty or Full?
unless the defense really plays over their head, i see us going 9-7 or at best 10-6

i say this taking into account how young our defense is and how horrible it was last year, i also take into consideration our schedule

that being said, if we do get into the playoffs with either of those records (or please god an even better record) then teams had better watch out, i do believe that once in the playoffs we have to be considered a strong favorite based on our seeming ability to win against tough teams

i have every confidence that if we can get into the playoffs we should go far not only this year but for years to come, reaching the playoffs is the big mental hurdle this team needs to get over and once we do watch out

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