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billybignuts 06-30-2003 08:42 AM

Fantasy Football League
Is anyone here interested in joining an espn fantasy football league? I figured we could have a pretty competitive private league. I've played on espn leagues for several years and have found the rules to be very fair.

nocloning 06-30-2003 09:30 AM

Fantasy Football League
Yes, I\'m interested. Can you provide a link for the rules?

saintvulture 06-30-2003 10:03 AM

Fantasy Football League
I would be interested if there is an online draft for the league.

Halo 06-30-2003 10:59 AM

Fantasy Football League
We\'re thinking about doing some fantasy leagues this year. Is anyone interested? It may be on Yahoo or CBS Sportsline- haven\'t determined that yet. If you\'re interested reply to this post and email the editor so we can have your email address.

lumm0x 06-30-2003 11:01 AM

Fantasy Football League

billyh1026 06-30-2003 11:15 AM

Fantasy Football League
Hey I\'m interested!!! We brought this up few months ago and got a good response. I thought it was gonna be on the website tho?? Either way doesn\'t matter to me. I was looking last night and haven\'t seen any activated yet on any website\'s. Who\'s gonna be the commish? I\'ve got a set of rules worked up from previous ffl\'s if you\'re interested. And a live draft is a must have.

btw, you guys wanna really go thru the whole season and suffer or ya wanna gimme the title now??

BlackandBlue 06-30-2003 11:18 AM

Fantasy Football League
Very interested. I say let Joe, Halo, or Pak be the commish, since they are the rulers of the roost.

JOESAM2002 06-30-2003 02:01 PM

Fantasy Football League
I\'m in!

rusta 06-30-2003 03:21 PM

Fantasy Football League
count me in

billybignuts 06-30-2003 08:32 PM

Fantasy Football League
Im in either way. espn fantasy games has some great rules to go by.

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