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tweeky 06-30-2003 12:41 PM

Fox's Delucia - Victor Riley RT comments

New Orleans Saints: Former Chiefs' right tackle Victor Riley will be one of the more interesting players to watch this summer at training camp. Riley is pushing himself hard to re-establish his career after off-field problems and sub-par conditioning habits caught up with him.

Riley can be very productive in the run game with his enormous size and natural power. He was tough to get around in pass protection in the past due to his large frame, but poor footwork and stamina left him vulnerable too often against perimeter defenders with good motors.

Riley has spent a lot of time in this area and his results in pass protection will be the key factor in his battle against Spencer Folau for the right tackle spot.
Cool, if he has improved as they say, he can be a stud. A healthy and motivated Victor Riley will make a lot of people forget about the tattoo'd sideshow fool.

Fox's DeLucia throws Saints compliments around like manhole covers, so this is good news.

BlackandBlue 06-30-2003 01:10 PM

Fox's Delucia - Victor Riley RT comments
This guy is a classic under-achiever. He was supposed to be this stud coming out of college. It\'s taken him 5 years to realize he\'s not a starter? He reminds me of Naeole. Could we get lucky? Yes. Do I think it will happen? No. At some point during the year, I see Folau at starting tackle, and that\'s not such a bad thing either.

billyh1026 06-30-2003 01:22 PM

Fox's Delucia - Victor Riley RT comments
I hope the dude lives up to his potential. Maybe having a rook show him up last year made him do a once over of himself.....

tweeky 06-30-2003 01:28 PM

Fox's Delucia - Victor Riley RT comments
B&B, thats true, he\'s been a disappointment so far. He was supposed to be a stud and has been about NFL average. But it appears he\'s making some attempts to improve his football and life skills. This is something he didn\'t do previously, so there is some realistic optimism here that he\'s taking the proper steps.
The good news is that if he does beat out Spencer to be the starter, then he brought his A-game because I see Folau as an average to above average RT.

Either way we\'re gonna field a pretty good RT.

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