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A Rational Draft Eval from Rivals

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; New Orleans Saints Draft Grade: C The Saints were shocked when Tennessee wideout Robert Meachem was still available late in the first round. He gives them a speed receiver for their young unit that will be without Joe Horn this ...

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A Rational Draft Eval from Rivals

New Orleans Saints
Draft Grade: C
The Saints were shocked when Tennessee wideout Robert Meachem was still available late in the first round. He gives them a speed receiver for their young unit that will be without Joe Horn this season. Meachem is a legitimate deep threat.

The Saints traded out of the second round and landed two selections in the 3rd and 4th rounds.

Usama Young had an exceptional March Pro Day that moved him into the third round. He is a fast cover man with good ball skills and should compete for the nickel corner role immediately. He carries a starting grade in time. Andy Alleman is a fast developing lineman who combines agility, athleticism and toughness.

Antonio Pittman is a fast tailback who was an excellent value here, but is a very a surprising selection with Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush on the club. Pittman gives them the deepest backfield in the league. Bushrod is a big, mobile lineman with the package to develop further. He has a big upside with time and refinement of his skills.

David Jones is an athletic small-college prospect with the package to surprise in time. He figures to see time as a return specialist and must impress there to make the squad. He is the ideal practice squad performer if he does not make the club.

Marvin Mitchell gives them a strong, mobile defender who produced at a high level against top competition. He has the ability to play the run well and push for time in the base defense. He can help on special teams in coverage.


Rivals.com has partnered with scout and draft expert Frank Coyle of draftinsiders.com to analyze the results of the NFL Draft and hand out grades for each team. Today we look at the NFC South.

May not agree with the grade but the evals are good.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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While I agree it seems overboard with all the attention to the small school prospects, I am willing to give this staff a benefit of the doubt bye after last year's success. If, and it's a massive if...one or two of these small school prospects blossoms into an early starter then I think we need to give them repeat credit for seeing what others overlook and that it truly is some unique and effective scouting at hand.

Now if they struggle to make the roster and show little in terms of immediate playing time, then I would agree with second guessing their fascination with finding diamonds in the rough. But if there's one player I can see becoming this year's talk of the team it's Alleman. Given the rapid job done with Jahri Evans last year I can see them molding Andy fast and effectively and Nesbit struggling to keep his starter role. Only downside to that is Andy has to change his name to something that starts with a J to maintain consistency.
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Power Rankings and Draft Grades are GAY!

...are you kidding me??? They are just someones opinion on how a team drafted. If you don't do what I think you ought to do then you get a C or a D, god forbid an F. You do what I think you ought to do and maybe a surprise upgrade you get an A or a B. Who sets the standards??? If there don't have standards then you can arbitrarily give out grades! Grade school there is a standard the question is right or wrong. I can see grading the draft at the end of the year and at the end of every year following but not before these guys have been to camp and performed up to expections or not.
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Help, I was trying to post a new topic, logged in 2x's and it still wont let me.

What gives?
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Originally Posted by saintsmissile View Post
I'll have to go ahead and disagree about Alleman. I think he, more than all of our other picks, will need the most time. Only two years at OG against small school competition doesn't bode well for a starting job, imho.
I know you have a hate on for the kid

My reasoning behind it, much similar to Evans development, is you are taking a raw kid with alot of passion for the game and a clear need to learn proper technique and scheme, and implementing that on a moldable athletic prospect. You cannot teach altheticism and instinct. Technique and blocking schemes are very coachable and I think that is something our staff does well. It coaches our system very effectively. Not a knock on the UDFA's but they seem more conditioned to the game. I actually like the fact that Alleman has less OG experience, and I also like the fact that he's played the other side of the line and understand rush schemes probably better than anyone at this stage. Another thing that's hard to impress on players is the need to play mean. If he already has that I think he'll be even more competetive to achieve. I don't really know enough about him or even the UDFA's to be confident anything will or won't pan out, but I like what I read and hear about him and do not fear any of his negatives.
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man o man ever thread is bashing the poor kid. all they said he was a fast riser. He got drafted right were the always said he would in round 3. some thought round late round 2, but late 3 seems to be right.

For some reason I knew we would go small school from round 3 on. not sure about, but they did it. well I am sitting back and waiting for the camp to start before I pass final judgement.
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One thing I've consistantly noticed in nearly everyone's post draft analysis is that Sean Payton's reputation is preceeding him.

In other words, what if our draft hadn't been as successful as it was last year? We would be the butt of the draft talk because we took 1) 4 guys from small schools 2) a RB that, in the eyes of those not close to the Saints, we didn't need 3) a WR in the first when many were thinking defense. etc etc.

It's almost like everyone's giving Payton a free pass on this class. It's like, being drafted by the Saints is almost official confirmation that these small school guys can play. What a change from years past, huh?

Don't get the wrong impression. I'm not saying they can't play. Not at all. I personally have a good feeling about some of these guys too, but, I can't help but notice that no one wants to be the one to dog our picks just in case there are a few Colstons and Evans' in this class.

Just sayin'

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I think the funny thing is that we basically said the exact same things about the draft last year, with many critics saying how the only thing we did right was drafting Bush -- we didn't get any help on the o-line until late in day 2, and we didn't get any linebackers, two units that were supposed to be the weakest in possibly the entire league and definitely the division. 3 starters (Harper, Evans, and Colston, 4 if you count Reggie), 2 solid contributors (Ninkovich, Strief) and an NFC Championship berth later, I think I'll wait until we actually play the games and see the guys stink before I say anything bad about our draft strategy.
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We had the most productive draft of the year last year offensively,and it would have been great defensively had not Roman Harper hurt his leg. He was shaping up to be great, and, with him back 100% I expect him to start every game next year. What more do you need to know about the talent evaluation abilities of Payton?
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everyone forgets that it doesnt matter whether you come from a big school or a small one, its all about the talent that you have and the willingness of a coaching staff to help you with the transition. Yes maybe the learning curve is different at a powerhouse program, but the game of football isnt any different at any level. Talent is talent. period.
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