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few more saints notes

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I am surprised that Andy is getting dissed. Usually only certain players get dissed....

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I am surprised that Andy is getting dissed. Usually only certain players get dissed.
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Originally Posted by papz View Post
I see... ok.
lets go over this once more papz.................
if you're gonna drink, drink like there's no tomorrow, cause you won't remember it anyway.........sheeetttsss, rookies.....................
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Originally Posted by saintsmissile View Post
aren't as big as fans as you guys are. Got this off his high school site...


He doesn't represent me -- or North Canton. He turned his back on this community when he transferred to Massillon. I couldn't care less if he gets cut the first day. In fact . . .
I can't believe I got sucked in and actually went to this site. You copied and pasted the ONE negative comment out of the first 15 posts listed; all others wished him luck. Who do you work for, Fox news? Real objective post.
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I would love for Alleman to take someones job on this team, or at least challenge them all. It's so easy to get complacent after a year of success and fresh talented, hungry rookies can make the team better by competition. He just might be real good! There's never a day gone by without some kind of drama. It serves to fire people up. As long as he can back up his word because he will be put in his place if he overestimated his ability.
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I'm gonna have to call bullshot on this one. Sorry...

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If those are really his quotes then I am saying "HELL YEAH! This guy has passion and FIRE! I love him."
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"I'm not a huge Alleman fan as is and of course, that's just my opinion. There was a scouting report out there (I read it awhile back but can't locate it) that said that Alleman had a bit of an attitude problem and thinks he's better than he really is."

I've been meaning to reply to this for some time but have had no opporitunity to do so. Now it's old news so it doesn't matter I suppose but that scouting report was from one of the pre-draft magazines that I had purchased which was either ProFootballWeekly or Lindy's. It raised flags with me also as I read it immediately after the Alleman pick and was questioning the F.O. for it and wondering who the heck this guy was.
I hope that Allemans comments are more of a positive underachiever statement than cockiness but from Bobaganoosh's reporting it would seem to be the latter.

That said, it sounds like Alleman has been performing well in rookie performances according to Coach Payton.

Opptimism is high, the waiting period is long and it hasn't felt this good being a Saints fan in a long time.
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What is so bad about a young, aggressive,mean lineman?Any running back or quarterback in the league wants a guy like Turley in front of them.Even Brett Favre has said things he realized he shouldn't have said.Give the rookie a chance to get his foot out of his mouth.
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Originally Posted by papz View Post
I don't know what happened in high school for him to transfer (do you?) but I do not fault him for transferring back home in college. Hell I went to LSU for a year and transferred back to New Orleans. I must lack loyalty.
f'in Benedict Arnold..... :P
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