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FWtex 07-03-2003 12:28 AM

La. Saints ... politics
This is in reference to the newest request of talks the saints want with the state. I do beleive this is completely spurred on by the L.A. situation and the saints are looking to capitalize one last time before the league completes its expansion and relocation desires.

I tend to lean more to the saints point of view regarding this situation. While I don't particularly like to see an individual business owner receive state funds to conduct their business I do beleive the state and The city of New Orleans receive more monetary benefit from the saints per year than Tom Benson. This is a true win win situation for both sides.

Just think of La. and the city of New orleans without the saints. What would the people of La. have to look forward to every fall and what would the people of La. be able to place their hope in year after year. I am not kidding. Think of the psychological void the people would have.

Now, lets look at the monetary gains for the city and the state. I don't have any hard stats to back this up but what is the value of the advertising and name recognition the state and city get from the saints. For 16 weeks every year the city of new orleans gets free publicity for its tourism with the city of the team it plays that week. Having the saints here allows the city to host the superbowl. This not only brings money to the city the week of the superbowl but it provides the city with free advertisement for 5 months. The week of the superbowl in New orleans the city gets world wide free publicity. In promotion dollars alone, how much do you think the state and city would have to pay for this free publicity? Just think of the publicity the state and city would get if they saints were to have a super bowl contending team for the next 10 yrs.

What are the comparable companies in the area with an annual payroll of roughly $60 million/ yr? Where do the saints rank compared to other companies in the area for generating sales tax dollars. What is the measure of revenue generated by businesses benefiting from the saints being in New Orleans?

The siants and any sports team are a unique privately owned/public interest entity. I don't think the city of new orleans would dry up without the saints but I do beleive the city of new orleans would be trying for years to come to lure a new NFL team to the area and in the end would end up paying a heavier price to bring a new NFL team back to the city. Look at Houston, St. Louis, and Baltimore.

I am not saying the state should bend over for the saints but I do think the state should look seriously at the inevitable. Stop pinching today because the price is only going to be higher in the future. As long as the state is not spending hard dollars on the saints then they should do what it takes to make a fair settlement for the next 30 yrs.

billybignuts 07-03-2003 09:10 AM

La. Saints ... politics
I remember reading an article in the Times Picayune several years ago that stated regular season home games generated nearly 10 million dollars of revenue for the New Orleans economy. The last Superbowl hosted by New Orleans netted the city and state over 75 million. Not too shabby for a weekend eh?

LordOfEntropy 07-03-2003 12:53 PM

La. Saints ... politics
I agree with this stance. It makes sense financially. I\'ll even take it a step further, and open up that old can of worms -- renovating/building a new stadium.

Cost to taypayers -- $400 million
Return to taxpayers -- $0?? No.

The return to taypayers is $400 million dollars spent spent in the local area. Construction work - jobs, paychecks, etc. Which of course leads to people spending those paychecks on outlandish stuff, crazy off-the-wall things like food, entertainment, lodging, etc.

Now how can that be a bad thing? I have too many friends that are in need of work. And on top of it, a flashy brand-new stadium (retractable roof?) in a run-down part of town. How can that be a bad thing?

Just my opinion, of course, and not a very popular one.

FWtex 07-03-2003 08:31 PM

La. Saints ... politics
I did not give any of my ideas of how to solve the saints/state problems but I do have some.

I do think a new stadium should be built, but it needs to be part of a complete revitalization and economic impact develpment program. If it is just a stadium they are wasting money. This could be financed by a SMALL hotel/rental car/airport/sin tax increase. An amount unnoticeable on a single transaction but adds up when combined.

The saints get a life lease with a minimum mandatory occupancy of 30 yrs. After 30 yrs if a sale is considered the state and the city have first rghts to purchase the team for a % less than fair market value of the team - incentives from other cities/buyers would be excluded. With the incentives and concessions I give the saints next, they should view this a purchase money when the time comes.

The saints get control of the stadium, all proceeds from NFL events, 50% proceeds from all other events, naming rights and concession contracts. In return the saints must provide a minimum amout of discounted tickets to the public as well as contribute to youth facilities and programs in the state. A mandatory tax write off for them.

The saints along with the city and state should begin immediately to negotiate superbowl rights every 5 yrs or so for the next 30 yrs. The number of superbowl cities is expanding dramatically. Soon New Orleans will be lucky to get the game every 10 years. I wander if there has been a study of convention and tourism business after a superbowl year to see if there is an increase in bookings in the 18 months following a superbowl versus years when there is no superbowl.

As for the current Dome? Circus Circus/Six Flags could make one heck of a hotel/casino/amusement park out of it. With the NBA right next door this would be yet another hot tourism attraction. (May be a flukey idea but it makes sense in a crazy sort of way)

I may be dreaming but I think this is a very fair deal for everyone. Saints walk away with all the cash they could dream of getting, the city and state get a minimum of 10 yrs of construction projects to drive employment in the city, the fans get opportunity at reduced ticket prices so everyone has an opportunity to visit the stadium, the youth will have better facilities and programs over time, and most of all the city will have an opportunity in the future to purchase the team if they desire.

LordOfEntropy 07-03-2003 09:37 PM

La. Saints ... politics
Well said.

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