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WhoDat 09-14-2002 11:20 PM

Why the Bucs will finish 3rd
As most of you probably already know, just about every expert has picked the Bucs to win the "mostly soft" NFC South. That very well could happen. Tampa certainly has the tools to be a real contender... on paper.

Unfortunately for Tampa, it looks to me like more of the same from them. Their offense will definitely be improved by year-end. However, their defense looks like it may be past its prime - it could very well give up the ground that its offense makes up.

On the flip side, our beloved Saints look like they may just be different than every other Saints team ever. Why, you ask; because they won at least one game when it mattered. That's something I can't remember any other Saints team ever doing on its own (i.e. "Hakim dropped the ball!").

Most upsetting for all NFC South teams though is the fact that the Falcons looked very good in their opener against Green Bay. To go to Favre's house, push that team to the limit, and lose in the waning seconds of a game impressed me. 31 points out of that offense in week one - yikes. Vick is going to be scary by mid-season, as if he wasn't already.

The bottom line? The first ever NFC South crown could be a race between the Saints and Falcons, with the vaunted Bucs finishing third.

Cassady37 09-15-2002 09:02 AM

Why the Bucs will finish 3rd
That\'s definitely a valid point and I, for one, would love to see it happen. Nothing like making so-called experts look like they may need to find another line of work!

repectfulbucfan 09-17-2002 11:51 PM

Why the Bucs will finish 3rd
What sucks is that my bucs get the bad end off all the hype........everybody says we talk to much....but in reality its only Sapp and the Media who\'s doing the talking. We respect all the team who play us and I feel it will be a very tight race in the south.

I\'m glad this division is not a mickey mousy division. Yea I want the bucs to win a superbowl, but I want to see some damn good football games too. Week one was a great game, you guys came in and dominated us on O and D for 3 1/2 Quarters and then we took over for 5 minutes to push OT. We had no business getting it to OT which is one reason why I think we will survive the Vick and Brooks show enough to make things intresting in the South.
Right now the Saints are the strongest team in the NFC, feel proud guys, you deserve it after last season.

(I know my name is misspelled, but can\'t change it now, thats what you call a permanent typo)

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subguy 09-18-2002 08:25 AM

Why the Bucs will finish 3rd
First two weeks were positve. Maybe, the past, but I still felt uncomfortable with GB getting back slightly into it. We must buckle down. Although, the bigger concern, is winning 3 games going into detroit as not the underdog for once and us letting down. If we don\'t allow that to happen, I feel we are on the right path in this early season.

saintfan 09-18-2002 09:10 AM

Why the Bucs will finish 3rd
I\'m thinking if the Saints beat Chicago this week and the Lambs manage a win over the Bucs (and I think St. Louis might be just angry enough to beat Tampa) then Tampa Bay has a LONG climb in front of \'em. Atlanta\'s next game is against Tampa Bay too, and the Saints should beat the Lions that week. See what I mean?

ctillman 09-21-2002 08:57 PM

Why the Bucs will finish 3rd

(I know my name is misspelled, but can\'t change it now, thats what you call a permanent typo)
Not that permanent... it can be fixed if you want.

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