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check out pictures of house vick sold, not bad for 300,000 plus, not bad at all......

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check out pictures of house vick sold, not bad for 300,000 plus, not bad at all......

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Very nice.

I was unclear about one item on the listing... Does the neighborhood allow pets?
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I bet that thing holds at LEAST a hundred pit bulls. at LEAST.
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I like the the pic above it. I think it sums it up all to well. I am thinking of changing my avatar to it
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This is what Michael Vick thinks of his fans:
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and by the way, he sold that house and the 14 acres (house really worth 1 million?) that come with it so fast and cheap because he (his attorney) may have thought evidence would be harder to come by, well we all know that's not true now, it just added fuel to the fire.

I think we should also investigate who he sold the house to and the reasons for the sale of the house so far under market value.

There is alot more to the Michael Vick story that we won't know until he writes his book 20 years from now and he makes 100 million off of us again. I say lets tell the story now, cuz I ain't buyin his stinkin book!!

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Vick is a THUG that got lucky, because he can run with a football. Nothing more.

I noticed that the dog website is gone.

What he is doing now, is no different that throwing dope out of your window when a cop gets behind you.

People, I believe in the "innocent until proven guilty", but come on... if you don't think the BOY (I say BOY, because a real MAN doesn't act this way), is guilty something is wrong.
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I think he sold it 200 or 300k under market value.
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One of the best-kept secrets over the past couple of weeks is the identity of the person who purchased the house and surrounding land in Surry County, Virginia where police found evidence of a dog-fighting operation.

To this date, no one knows who bought the house from Falcons quarterback Mike Vick for less than half of its assessed value.

According to the Washington Times, a local business owner said that "heads will turn" when the name of the buyer is disclosed.

Heads will turn? Did Vick sell the place to Arthur Blank, the owner of the team for which Vick plays? To coach Bobby Petrino? To former teammate Ray Buchanan? To his little brother Marcus? To Surry County prosecutor Gerald Poindexter? To the actor who played Newman on Seinfeld?

Regardless of who the next owner will be, it's hard to understand why the name has not yet been revealed. At some point, the sale will close and the names on the deed will be changed. Since the deed is public record, it'll be impossible at that point for the name to be concealed.


I Think Carella DeVille bought it
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I think I am going to throw up my cereal.
Vick makes me sick!!!!
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