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Bergeaux 06-01-2007 08:15 AM

Most overrated and underrated on each NFL Team
CBS Sportsline has an article that lists their shot at the most overrated and most underrated player on each team in the NFL. (Vick is the most overrated on the Falclowns). Interesting read.


Originally Posted by CBS Sportsline
New Orleans Saints

CB Mike McKenzie . When he wants to be good, he's good. But he has too many lapses to be an elite player.
G Jahri Evans . As a rookie, he didn't give up a sack. That's high marks for a young lineman.

WhoDat205 06-01-2007 08:56 AM

McKenzie is an interesting selection there. I see where they're coming from in that his name recognition is based more on his hair than his play, but I do think he's a solid CB and a leader for a (now) very young, very talented secondary. I don't think you can discount that.

For the underrated player, the entire OL deserves mention. Those guys were the difference last year (and the team is deeper this year, Yippie!!!). But my nod goes to Bryant Young. Someone posted a thread about him recently and I couldn't agree more. He's the rock on a super-star DL.

FireVenturi 06-02-2007 06:08 PM

i think grant is the most overrated, and I agree jahari is the most underrated.

ScottF 06-03-2007 09:01 AM

When you write an article like this, you paint yourself in a corner with some teams.

We all know our defense struggled against the run and gave up way too many big plays. I don't think that equates to MM being overrated, but they had to pick someone.

They didn't have the balls to say Bush, who averaged less than 3 yards a carry going into week 16, or Smith, who barely had 3 tackles per game.

No, I do not think either player is overrated, just making the point that you can point to anyone and make your argument.

TheDeuce 06-03-2007 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by FireVenturi (Post 131039)
i think grant is the most overrated, and I agree jahari is the most underrated.

I think it's ridiculous to call Grant overrated. Is he a Pro Bowler? Not recently. But do people call him, or think of him, as a Pro Bowler? I don't think so. So IMO, if you're going to be overrated, you have to have high expectations, and never live up to them. Is this true of Grant? Not last season. In 2005? Sure, but definitely not last year where he was flying all over the field and giving that spark to our defense. In terms of having high expectations and not living up to them, I'd say the most overrated on the team would be Josh Bullocks, who continually got beat last season through the air and also took some of the worst tackling angles I have ever seen in run support. This guy needs to pick it up. I'm hoping KK makes the starting lineup with Harper opposite him.

hagan714 06-03-2007 06:54 PM

MM game was hurt by the rule changes to make the NFL a higher scoring product. He is great if he is allowed to defend but with the contact rules now it really hurts him. So he is living on his past rep. I have said it before MM is a great #2 but a so so #1.

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