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smooth sailing for the saints?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by ScottF Quite frankly, I am a little wary of all of this off-season positive publicity. I liked it better when we were below the radar, especially with our schedule. Our first month's schedule is tough. The Saints ...

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Originally Posted by ScottF View Post
Quite frankly, I am a little wary of all of this off-season positive publicity. I liked it better when we were below the radar, especially with our schedule.

Our first month's schedule is tough. The Saints may be America's new adopted team now, but the NFL is still sticking it to us.
You took the words straight out of my mouth! I wish they would just quit putting us up on that pedestal. It just makes young players and rookies mentally off.
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It's all necessary to keep people pumped and to sell tickets.
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Originally Posted by ScottF View Post
The point I made was primarily about our players reading their own headlines. Last year they were hungry, overachieving. Once we would get on a roll, though, we stumbled- Baltimore, Washington & Cincy were all bad, unfocused losses.

This is one of the reasons I hope Patten makes it- we need that veteran come-back-to-earth presence in the locker room.
Ok. I didn't think of that angle. I see your point point now.
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Originally Posted by Tobias-Reiper View Post
...it's been smooth sailing for the Saints because the Saints finally have people of character from top to bottom. And it will be smooth sailing for a while.
AMEN! You smacked the nail on the head!
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Originally Posted by SapperSaint View Post
AMEN! You smacked the nail on the head!
However, we cannot forget the joker in the deck: injuries. Everything should be fine this season as long as the team stays relatively healthy.

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"Under the radar" is relative. Not because the media doesn't talk (or doesn't talk ill ) about the Saints is cause for the teams the Saints play to ignore the Saints. Other teams' coaches don't look to ESPN for scouting reports.-- Tobias

Where has "under the radar" gotten the Saints in the past? A handful of surprise seasons?

I think that the under the radar bit is created in our minds and is basically every Saints fans mindset; keep your expectations low. With this thinking if the Saints do poorly it was expected. If they do well then they've exceeded our expectations and we are optimistic until CRASH! our hopes are dashed once again. --Sorry, I had to that. Years of fandom does that.

However, this year is different. And it all starts with Coach Payton. The Saints have never had a coach like this. Their last good coach was Mora and judging by last year I'd much rather have Payton.

Barring injuries this team is bound to return to the play-offs. The tease of last years season has my expectations higher than ever before. Even higher than the Billy Joe and Billy Joe years.
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Originally Posted by hagan714 View Post
I wish they would jump of our band wagon. I liked it better under the radar too.
All the teams in the south scare me. Carolina will be back in top form, as will Tampa and well Atlanta is Atlanta you never know what team will show up each week.
Sweeping the NFC South is the first step.
uh huh and why would we be one bit of afraid? carolina gets praise every single year since making it to the SB, and what happens? they suck and disappoint. i cant wait for people to just realize they arent that good. falcons sucks, as well as the baby toy vick. and the bucs can suprise a team, but geesh, where do they have a chance to go? we are in great shape to take down any team
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