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1st Rounder might be getting cut......on.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Has Meachem signed a contract yet? If not, will the injury affect his deal?...

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Has Meachem signed a contract yet?

If not, will the injury affect his deal?
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I don't think it will affect his deal. Where he's slotted and the position he plays, it's not like he was going to get a hefty contract anyways. mighty12 pretty much said it, he wasn't in a pressure position to perform with the depth we have at receiver. Devery with another season under his belt, should be better than last year. Copper is a serviceable 2 if need be. Patten though aging, could be a solid slot receiver. So even though Meachum isn't off to a good start by any means, we can afford to take our time and be patient with him.
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If they perform the surgery this week, then he'll have up to 7 weeks to get healthy. That's twice as long as they say he needs to recover so this shouldn't affect him during TC unless they find out it was worse than expected or is a degenerative condition or something. This isn't horrible news and it came at a good time.
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Summer Training Camp

Rick Cleveland, of the Jackson, MS Clarion Ledger, blogged the following..


(scroll down some to read it)

"The New Orleans Saints still say there is nothing official regarding their return to Jackson and Millsaps College for their summer training camp

That may be, but common sense tells me they are marching back. All you need to do is drive past the Millsaps practice fields and see all that work going on. I have to believe it is being done for the Saints.

Plus, if I'm the Saints, I don't want to change one thing about how I did things last preseason, which led to the most magical season in franchise history."

Posted in response to below, just adding some info................

"Camp confusion - The Saints are denying a report made in a Jackson, Miss., newspaper last week that the team is seeking $600,000 in improvements to Millsaps College in order for the team to return for training camp this summer.

Saints vice president of communications Greg Bensel coined the story "very inaccurate" and "dead wrong."

Millsaps trustee Con Maloney said a closed-in practice facility costing about $450,000 was one of several demands made by the Saints. Bensel said no such demands were made and that it's more likely than not that the Saints will spend training camp in Jackson for the second consecutive year.

The team did want to improve the natural grass on Millsaps' upper fields. Bensel said the changes already are being made and the Saints are paying for them, not Millsaps."

(mod/admin, please adjust this post to fit w/in rules)
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this reeks of something bad. this kid is off to a terrible start. what is it with injuries and these frigan vol wideouts. holy goodness. well i am glad i is happenig this early. hope he gets back on the field and in shape so he can play. i think that is the biggest thing beside s the injury. they said he was out of shape coming in. what does 4 weeks on your arse do!!!
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In the past, I would be pulling out my hair(if I had any) if the Saints picked a lemon in the 1st round. This is not the Saints we are used to. This is the NEW! Orleans Saints and I feel that we have enough weapons to soak up this little delay in the development of this UT product. I am anticipating a battle in the WR corps and it will be great to watch. Meachem will want to be a player and motivate himself once he realizes the small window he has. I think he will be ok. Anyway, everyone has to compare to Eric Martin in my eyes.
Go Saints!
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I am sure he will be back and help the team this year.
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Welcome to the site and glad you joined Airborne.

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I don't think we should ever draft anyone from Tennessee again, unless of course Meachem makes it back and catches the winning TD in the Superbowl, then I'm ok with keeping him on the roster.
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Air Assault! Good Luck getting prepared for school. I am in BNCOC now at Fort Gordon, GA. I will be flying back to Europe just in time for the Regular season to start. I just wish I could be here for one game! Last time I saw the Saints play live, Ricky was running all over the Panthers.
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