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whodatsaintsfan26 09-15-2002 05:51 PM

Why is Stallworth still #3
Donte Stallworth proved today he is a playmaker. Pathon still hasnt showed anything. He had his TD, but Stallworth made another big play. Pathon should be coming in as the # 3 reciever. I also wonder why a guy runs a 4.2 40 and they havent tried to hit him deep yet. Brooks throws a good deep ball Stallworth is faster than anyone on the field and they havent even attempted and deep ball. Nobody can stop Joe Horn and with Stallworth running on the other side it should be money all day.

Cassady37 09-15-2002 06:40 PM

Why is Stallworth still #3
Contrary to my earlier article on Pathon, I think you are right. Pathon has dropped the ball more than he should have. Give Donte the nod.

saintfan 09-16-2002 10:00 AM

Why is Stallworth still #3
I would have disagreed before the game yesterday, but I\'m thinking differently today. I think Donte should be two, but I\'m not knocking Pathon. The offense is still new and they still have some \"coming together\" to do. You can bet the rest of the league is now officially worried if the Saints are on their schedule. :D

wcassady 09-16-2002 12:26 PM

Why is Stallworth still #3
Well Stallworth was penciled in as the starter until he sat out the whole preseason with a hamstring injury. At that point they gave it to Pathon. Their orginal intention was to start Horn and Stallworth and I would say that we are just about there again. Stallworth has been a pleasant surprise.

whodatsaintsfan26 09-16-2002 02:57 PM

Why is Stallworth still #3
I dont care what pathon does ROY Stallworth is the playmaker he is not. I believe you let playmakers make plays and thats what ROY Stallworth does. Pathon will make catches but ROY Stallworth will make plays

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