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iceshack149 07-08-2003 01:26 AM

Cie Grant
Here's some information on Cie Grant that I found off of BillyC's Jerome Pathon Post. He's one of the reasons that I'll pay alot more attention to the pre-season this year:

Saints' Cie Grant: I'll work to fit in, where ever that may be
News-Star news services
Posted on June 11, 2003

Saints' multiple threat Cie Grant

Ohio State linebacker Cie Grant does a little of everything: Chosen by New Orleans with the 86th overall selection, Grant also has experience as a cornerback, strong safety and free safety. He's the third Ohio State player on the Saints roster, joining long snapper Kevin Houser and center LeCharles Bentley. An All-Big Ten Conference honorable mention, Grant was also named the Buckeyes' Most Inspirational Player in 2002. He recorded 146 tackles with four sacks for minus 36 yards in his collegiate career - along with four interceptions for 44 yards in returns. Oh, and that was him pressuring Miami's Ken Dorsey into an incompletion that would secure the national championship for the Buckeyes a few months back. So, yeah, that's where the conversation begins:

Talk about Dorsey.

It was big. Ken Dorsey's a great competitor along with that Miami team and for our team to go in there and play the way we did, it was very good and it was huge for me to make the plays at the end to close out the season and get to the championship.

It was a total team effort. I can't take all the credit. It feels good to be that guy.

How do you feel about playing for a former linebacker like Jim Haslett?

I'm looking forward to it. In conversations with Coach Haslett, he seems like he's straightforward and is a hardnosed guy. I think he's a good coach. I got my boy down here, LeCharles Bentley. He filled me in a little bit. I'll just go and work hard.

How difficult has it been to switch to so many positions?

First of all, I have a lot of faith in God and a lot of faith in my ability - and I know that if I keep things in perspective and keep a good relationship with him and myself that anything's possible. That's the way I've always been. I've never been a one-position guy. I've played many positions over the years and I think that's part of the reason why I'm where I'm at right now.

Do you see yourself as an outside linebacker down the road?

I see myself wherever I fit. I only played linebacker for one year and I did a good job at the outside linebacker position. Whether I'm an outside linebacker or inside linebacker, I'll work very hard and know exactly where I'm supposed to be at.

How did you come up with your name?

My mom named me that. I don't even know exactly. I just know I've been going by it ever since I could talk. That's what I've been going by.

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tweeky 07-08-2003 07:06 AM

Cie Grant
This guy is a football player. I think we can use him in so many ways. Especially on 3rd and short, 4th and goal situations. If there\'s a guy who knows LB\'s its Haslet. Haz likes him a lot. I see Haz and Venturi (yes Venturi) working hard on this guy to get him up to speed fast. By the seasons end he\'ll be playing one of the 3 LB spots. I also think he will be the designated headhunter on special teams.

I\'m thinking he may develop into our own version of Zack Thomas maybe?

WhoDat 07-08-2003 01:29 PM

Cie Grant
You know - everyone keeps talking about how Haslett knows linebackers so well... but our linebackers were definitely the weak link last year, and the moves made this year, with the exception of Rodgers, are questionable at the moment. If they work out then he\'s a star, if not he\'s a dope. I just don\'t see him being the end-all be-all on linebackers. I mean, if he is, why did he move Clemons inside? That wasa big mistake. And then why did he let him leave afterwards when he could have just moved him back outside where he was a star?

I do think Cie Grant has a lot of potential. Let\'s just hold off on calling Haslett a genius when it comes to anything on the defensive side of the ball until we see what this offseason of defensive focus yields.

FWtex 07-08-2003 10:54 PM

Cie Grant
I think this is the guy who could very well take the saints defense from mediocre to very good and not only by his physical talent on the field. It appears this is a player that just wants to get on the field wherever he can and hit someone.

I see the saints defense as improved by the offseason moves but if Cie grant comes through to be a major contributor without the cause of a starters injury, then this group will dominate.

I ain\'t smokin either.

LordOfEntropy 07-10-2003 01:01 PM

Cie Grant
Agreed with WhoDat, LB\'s were the most embarrasing part of our team last year. I hope Cie works out, though I\'m still baffled by the fact we didn\'t trade up to get Boss in the draft. Or take Henderson instead.

LB\'s seem to be a low priority to Haz. That surprises me.

lumm0x 07-10-2003 03:45 PM

Cie Grant
I here WhoDat and LofE. After Haslett comes from Pitt, where he organized one of the most consistently good LB groups in the NFL, he comes here and allows this area of the defense to be poorly attended to. Granted they brought Clemons and made him more than he was in StL, but then they learned from that success and turned it around. His LB drafting has yet to show it is impressive let alone mediocre. There is hope in Grant, Allen and even Hodge. Also hopefully Rodgers reverts back to his top form playing a more agressive role here than he was instructed in Miami. Ruff is a big question mark, and IMO a stop gap measure at best. Barring the Rodgers trade I would have considered this our biggest team weakness.

Like LofE, I\'m ticked at the Bailey thing, a little less at the Henderson miss.

BillyCarpenter1 07-10-2003 05:06 PM

Cie Grant
Defense begins with pressure. Whether it is a good pass rush on the Quarterback, or pressure at the running lanes. It really doesn\'t matter. The Great Defenses never \"gave\" anything. They fought tooth and nail to deny every yard.

It all starts and ends with the Line. That\'s where 90% of all games are won or lost. If your line can\'t keep the big offensive linemen off of your linebackers, they are in for a long day, which played a big part in the Saints defensive linebackers not making plays.

Buddy Ryan once said, all the X\'s and O\'s are real pretty on paper and are important strategical ways of outlining a game plan. But!, they do not win football games. What wins football games are the same things that have always won them, blocking and tackling.

Search your own personal recall archives for verification. How many \"great\" touchdown runs or catches started with a simple broken tackle or a great block?

Offense is about execution. Defense is about reaction. Jim Haslett can not react for the linebackers.

Hopefully this year the Saints will have the talent at linebacker to be successful. IMO, Haslet is guilty of not evaluating the talent properly, but I don\'t think he has forgotten how to coach it.

Like Buddy Ryan said, all the X\'s and O\'s are really pretty but they never made any tackles.

lumm0x 07-10-2003 05:26 PM

Cie Grant
In Mike Singletary\'s autobiography Ryan also said that the MLB is the single most important position on a defense. And Ryan\'s defenses didn\'t react...they dictated.


How many \"great\" touchdown runs or catches started with a simple broken tackle or a great block?
Or missed assignment, or blown coverage call, or out of position defender.....

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BillyCarpenter1 07-10-2003 05:33 PM

Cie Grant

In Mike Singletary\'s autobiography Ryan also said that the MLB is the single most important position on a defense.


How many \"great\" touchdown runs or catches started with a simple broken tackle or a great block?
Or missed assignment, or blown coverage call, or out of position defender.....

Well, since this is football, all play a part in the overall picture. The coaches are responsilble for getting the players in position to make plays and the players are responsible for making the plays.

As far as the middle linebacker postion being the most importan I\'ll have to go with Buddy Ryan and say the line is the most important. I can\'t beleive you would all of a sudden think a player is more important than a coach. Right?


I misread your quote about Ryan saying the Middle Linebacker was the most important.
That\'s probably true, but the point is that the middle linebacker will not be very effective unless the\" most importat part\" of the defense, which is the line, doesn\'t keep the offensive linemen off of him.

I didn\'t put that post up to pick apart yours or anyone elses. Just gave my opinion. That\'s all................... ;)

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lumm0x 07-10-2003 05:36 PM

Cie Grant
If they ever put a coach as a field position...we\'ll talk about that.

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