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BillyCarpenter1 07-08-2003 06:18 PM

Bucs Resemble Ravens.
Sharpe declares defense of Super Bowl title official

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- The calendar might dictate that it's only a late-April minicamp, but Baltimore's ever-loquacious tight end Shannon Sharpe was declaring the Ravens' Super Bowl title defense officially open Friday.

Sharpe and Ravens reserve offensive tackle Harry Swayne are the only two Baltimore players who have first-hand experience at winning back-to-back Super Bowl titles. Both were members of the two-time Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos in 1997-98.

"The main thing now is to start holding onto what we have," said Sharpe, before his team's first workout of a three-day minicamp. "My sole focus this offseason is to repeat, because there's been a lot of teams that have won one in a row. I think it says more about a team if you can do it again. People can make excuses for you, but if you win it back to back, they can't say anything. In those two years, you were the best team the NFL had to offer."

Sharpe took turns reveling in last January's surprising Ravens run through the playoffs, and promising a whole different set of circumstances will stand between Baltimore and repeating.

"No one really expected us at the end of the year to be holding up that trophy in Tampa, and here we are," Sharpe said. "Now we have the trophy and everybody wants what we have. We're going to get everybody's best week in and week out. We know that, and we know that what we did last year won't be good enough to get it done again this year.

" [b:3886e33eb0] We can't ask our defense to go out there and shut teams out 6-0, 3-0. The offense is going to have to pick up our end, and if the defense can just maintain -- they don't have to do anything different, just maintain -- and let us catch up with them, we'll be back in [the Super Bowl in] New Orleans." [/b:3886e33eb0]

And we all know what happened---You have now seen the BUCS future.

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BillyCarpenter1 07-08-2003 06:42 PM

Bucs Resemble Ravens.
Hi JoeSam

Just making sure your watching my posts.......... ;)

Batwood 07-09-2003 06:48 AM

Bucs Resemble Ravens.
How many starters did Baltimore lose after thier Championship season?
How many starters did Tampa lose after thier Championship season?

Might want to check that before putting foot in mouth by saying \"You have now seen the BUCS future\" :)

BillyCarpenter1 07-09-2003 07:00 AM

Bucs Resemble Ravens.
Good Morning my two Buc friends............ :mad:

I\'m hoping a good nights sleep has brought both of you new found knowledge on the game of football... :o


Just showing you how confident every superbowl winner is at defending the trophy.

I\'m hoping by you reading this you won\'t be nearly as crushed when the same fait happens to the Bucs

I\'m sure it must be tough on a brother.......

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Batwood 07-09-2003 10:19 AM

Bucs Resemble Ravens.

Just showing you how confident every superbowl winner is at defending the trophy.
Really! Ya Think? :exclam:

Maybe next you can explain how players are happy after a win and bummed after a loss.

I\'m sure there are some that don\'t realize the keen insight you have :)

JOESAM2002 07-09-2003 10:50 AM

Bucs Resemble Ravens.
Yep, i\'m back after a much shorter stint than I thought. The doctor Gods were kind to me this time. :)

BillyCarpenter1 07-09-2003 01:20 PM

Bucs Resemble Ravens.


Just showing you how confident every superbowl winner is at defending the trophy.
Really! Ya Think? :exclam:

Maybe next you can explain how players are happy after a win and bummed after a loss.

I\'m sure there are some that don\'t realize the keen insight you have :)

I don\'t blame you for feeling like the Bucs are invinsible right now. I would too. I\'m might even go out to the ocean and see if I could walk on water!!

The truth of the matter is, I would give Tampa better odds of repeating ,than the Saints of finally winning it all, if for no other reason than the Bucs proved they could do it, which is more than we Saints fans can say.

But, how much better odds should I give the Bucs than the Saints? With the way the NFL is today, gone are the dynasties of yesterday. I think any knowledgeable fan would say the odds of a Superbowl team repeating are not as good as something happening along the way to derail them.

There is so much parity in the league today that anyone that would go lay down hard earned money at the begining of the season that a Superbowl champ is going to repeat, would be better of following me to the ocean and seeing if that could indeed walk on water.

So Batwood, enjoy the championship and play it for everything that it\'s worth, as I would too.

I just hope your trying to fool me and not yourself.

Be honest and fair with yourself and good mental health to you........

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Batwood 07-09-2003 01:32 PM

Bucs Resemble Ravens.
I hear ya Billy.

Your right in the fact that anything can happen this season. I like our chances for a repeat but realize the difficulty in it also. It was difficult to get there even though we were close for several years in a row. The 11-6 loss in St. Louis when we were bigtime underdogs was tough to swallow after being so close (having a 6-5 lead in the 4th qtr.).

I wish every fan of every team can experience a SB win in thier lifetime. It is truly a special thing that will never go away no matter how bad the team gets afterwards. It really makes me feel for those Bill fans that went 4 in a row without winning, that has got to be gut-wrenching.

As far as betting, I wish I had money to throw away, and if I did I\'d go for the long shot for the heck of it and a big payout anyway :)

lumm0x 07-10-2003 11:48 PM

Bucs Resemble Ravens.
Actually the more I think about this the Bucs do resemble the Ravens in alot of aspects, and I\'m not referring to their chances of repeating.
#1 defense led by top LB and fueled by D-line pressure, new coach that came from near superbowl team. Journeyman QB that other teams passed up on. Mouthy veteran pass reciever that just has to flap the gums and it\'s a catch. Lanky white reciever comes up with a couple monumental catches. Ownership that creates as many headlines as the team does.

Dilfer was in Tampa before winning it with Billick , Johnson was in Minny with Billick before going to Tampa and winning it.

BucNup 07-11-2003 08:34 AM

Bucs Resemble Ravens.
All I know is before we won the whole thing, people were saying, \"Ahh, the Bucs just talk themselves in and out of the playoffs.\" \"The Bucs are paper champions.\" etc., etc., etc.,

Now the talk is: \"They\'ll never repeat.\" \"Bucs are just like the Ravens.\" etc., etc., etc.,

Both of these examples may be the case, but what does it really mean?

It\'s like a double edged sword, really. Because had we lost in the playoffs again, those same comments would have been flying. Hell even making it to the Super Bowl and losing would allow for the talking to keep going. But we all know the outcome of the 2002 season......

The Bucs are just like the Ravens - Originally based under the assumption that the team will not make any noise the following year. But as Lumm0x has pointed out, it goes deeper than its original intent. Great defense, coaching comparision, non-flashy QB getting the job done, \"situational\" players sticking the dagger in the hearts of unspecting foes, and the front office making headlines in uncharacteristic fashions.....

All of these things are what the Bucs and Ravens resembled during their Super Bowl runs. But the true measure of the Bucs comes from \"what is not the same\" when it comes to the Ravens and Patriots


Therefore, if the Bucs and Ravens applied some of the same football theories and both teams were successful. Then one team dumps players left and right the following year, while one team holds on to the same formula; even adding to the current mixture with players deemed suitable. What is to be expected then?

No one knows what is to be expected of the latter, because it hasn\'t been done in a while. The Ravens and even the Patriots dumped players following their Super Bowl wins. We are holding the line. If I am correct (someone correct me if I\'m not), but the last time I recall a team making a bid to repeat as Super Bowl Champions, following a previous Super Bowl appearance was THE HATED RAMS.

That\'s right, the RAMS. They beat the Titans in the Super Bowl XXXIV, then somehow backed into the playoffs the following year (backing in really doesn\'t matter as long as you get in somehow.)

Ironically, your beloved Saints stopped that dog from hunting! I know many of you still replay Hakim muffin\' that punt in your minds. If you pause and reflect; the fluttering of your hearts, the high five\'s and hugs at the time was nothing compared to the end results of winning it all. After 34 years of not winning a playoff game, that voodoo ritual performed by (MISS CLEO??) at the 50 yard line paid off.....

So, in actuality the Bucs are poised to make the playoffs at least. From that point anything is possible......

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