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iceshack149 07-10-2003 11:01 PM

Chris Mortensen
I found this on


Q: I'm sure you saw the New Orleans Saints choke the past two seasons, and this led me to believe that QB Aaron Brooks can do nothing but smile when we're losing. Do you believe Brooks can ever lead the Saints to the Super Bowl? -- Bill, New Orleans, Louisiana
MORT -- Bill, I don't know. The Saints are hoping Brooks matures. The team recently brought in a leadership group -- headed by ex-NFL QB Frank Reich -- to conduct a seminar. Even though people like coach Jim Haslett and others participated, it was aimed primarily at Brooks, hoping he grows into the type of leader a Super Bowl quarterback (probably) needs to be. I spoke to Aaron last week and he is saying all the right things. As for his "smiling," I think that's his personality. I don't like it after a loss, either. Let's see if he moves in the right direction. He's very talented. Plus, I can't see just blaming him for the past two December slides.

There are so many questions involving Brooks right now. His shoulder is the biggest concern. If he stays healthy, he should have no problem leading the NFC in touchdowns again this year as they've made some pretty good improvements on an already talented offense. Perhaps he'd lead the league. There are some impressive weapons on this teams O.

As far as his decision making and leadership goes, I'm just hoping that they don't confuse this kid. He's obviously got some serious physical talent. He seemed to play his
best games in the year that he replaced Blake- when there weren't any expectations and he just played football. No one expected him to be a leader nor did they become concerned about him being too aloof on the field. He just played the game and played very well. He still plays well, but I wonder about his intellect. And it seemed to me that he was trying too hard to prove something to the sports writers and fans that gave him such a hard time last season. Don't get me wrong, I think that we've got a great QB tandem and Brooks is a very good QB. I'm worried that too much head-cramming info might have a negative affect on him.

I'm with ssmitty though. I'm really happy with this team's new look. Of course we won't know if Rodgers and Ruff are good or bad pick ups for our embarrassing LB's until the season begins but I like what I see. Especially on offense and special teams.

lumm0x 07-10-2003 11:37 PM

Chris Mortensen
Nice post Ice. The problem is that you don\'t expect a back up QB to be a leader, but there is a presumption in football that a starting QB is and must be. Heads immediately turn to the QB in a huddle and lookfor that spark.

Whether Brooks wants it or not, can handle it or not, he can\'t deny that he is being asked to be a leader. He won\'t escape it.

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